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    I don't think I've ever seen a thread like this, but maybe there's been one a long time ago? The point is this thread is to discuss monster designs, area designs, character designs, weapon designs, and I guess level designs? (Like how the old HHG 1 had multiple levels with different monsters, which prevented lower level characters from getting murdered by Green Mushies.)

    I personally really like the way that Zakum was designed, as it makes him definately stand out. This site (which is mostly just a joke site, so don't take much stock with the other articles) explains it in better detail. Showing how his skill animations and design are inspired by different symbolisms.

    I already really like the way that the fairfrozen is designed. I especially like how it juts out to look more like it's an icicle.

    Of course, you can also discuss designs you dislike. Like...I'm not really a fan of a lot of the alien weapons.

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    At the Zakum article:
    Aurum = God in Latin? Are you bsing me? Aurum means GOLD, Deus is God (Male, Dea being God (Female).

    Anyways, I personally enjoy the different stories in this game, as it all builds up. Mihile connecting to Cygnus connecting to Neinheart connecting to Lillin connecting to Aran connecting to the Heroes connecting to the Black mage connecting to the Commanders connecting to the Black Wings (connecting to Orchrid) connecting to the Resistance connecting to Demon Avenger connecting to the Black Mage again connecting to Arkrium connecting to the Temple of Time connecting to the Goddess of time connecting to Time Travel connecting to Ellin forrest connecting to Athena Pierce connecting to Mercedes connecting to the Legendery heroes again connecting to Phantom connecting to Aria connecting to Cygnus connecting to Mihile.

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    That Zakum article is retarded, partly for the Aurum misshap, but mostly because it does not even mention Zaqqum, a tree that grows in the islam version of hell. that is what Zakum is mainly based upon.

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    Bah, see what I mean about not taking too much into it. Oh well, I should've taken my own advice. I still liked how they pointed out some specific parts though. I already knew about the Zaqqum thing.



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