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Thread: Evo quest trap

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    Pretty much when I start the quest to go to evo world for the first time upon entering the map with Gelimer and Orchid for the cut scene nothing happens and I end up stuck there on that character, Unable to talk, see the UI, quit game, click anything, and when I close the game through the [X] button in windowed mode and relog the character is still trapped.
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    Got this yesterday on my Kanna. Went into the cutscene, saw Orchid, and that's it. It never progressed, and like you I couldn't click or press anything, and closing and restarting Maple didn't help.

    However, I logged in on the same character on another computer, and on there the cutscene played! It occasionally seemed to stop, but clicking randomly made it continue.

    So, I recommend trying to find another computer to log onto your character from.
    Good luck.

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    restart your computer, that fixed it for me



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