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  1. Default Can't make new folders

    (Since this isn't a problem with Maplestory, I'm not sure this actually goes here.)

    So whenever I run the Windows Explorer, I can't make any new folders. I've tried downloading things from online that are supposed to help, but I always get this (see spoiler), and System Restores either don't go far back enough or don't do anything.


    I'm running Windows 7, and everything else is running perfectly.

    So if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Can't make new folders

    What happens when you try to create a new folder? Or is it that you don't have the option to?

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    Default Re: Can't make new folders

    Maybe this could help you?

    Have you tried creating another user with full permission?
    And then create a new folder?

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    Try going into Safe Mode and see if you can create Folders there. I have to imagine that if it was a system wide issue you'd not be able to make them in Safe Mode but if you can then it might be a virus or a permissions issue.

    Also, I'm sure you've searched around before posting, but have you tried: ?

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    This . I can hit the "New Folder" button, but nothing happens, and right clicking doesn't give me the option.

    Tried the link, in progress. I killed the explorer.exe in Task Manager, but the icon for the thing to merge disappeared. I'm still screwing around with it.

    EDIT: I created a shortcut, and killed Explorer. It still gave me the same error message. Any suggestions on what else to kill?

    The new user didn't work.

    Tried Safe Mode; nada.

    Tried the link already, I get the "cannot merge because that pomegranate is running" message.

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

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    (this is in Windows 7) If you open up the windows explore, under favorites should be desktop (the icon is a blue rectangle). Click on the system folder with you user/computer name (this also may be under favorites), and on the menu bar the last option should be "New Folder". Try clicking that and see what happens. The same option should also be on the menu bar when you go to your local disk (C:).

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    Out of curiosity, did you try to run said registry file in Safe Mode? I can't remember if you can edit Registry in Safe Mode or not, or if it would even matter.

    Kind of just throwing out ideas here at this point, my apologies if you have.

    At least we've confirmed it's most likely not a virus and not a permissions issue, since you need to be Administrator in Safe Mode and a Virus shouldn't be active in Safe Mode. Which leaves a weird system anomaly, it seems like. There may be no alternative other than reinstalling Windows, although that seems like an insane path to go on when it's such a weird issue.

    I suppose to go around this issue you could copy a folder, empty it, and duplicate said empty folder anytime you need a new one, but that's a really pomegranatety workaround. If you can't even copy folders, then I have no idea what the hell is going on.

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