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    My hair has been dropping alot lately and im starting to get worried. While others cant see much of a difference, i can personally feel my hair getting thinner. I think the biggest culprit is Accutane(i finished my 8 month course).... So SP, i need suggestions and information

    I read online that Biotin, Collagen and Zinc supplements can help in growing stronger hair and reduce hair loss. I started taking Collagen supplements yesterday but many articles online say collagen supplements dont actually work so Im going to wait for results before judging it for myself.... and so we have biotin and zinc. A number of people wrote articles raving about how biotin helped improve the condition of their hair but there are also articles saying biotin will not help accutane induced hair loss. im not really sure which is correct and which is not. Does anyone have input or experience on this ??

    And finally we have zinc. Most of the articles and reviews written were pretty positive but there are alot of mumbo jumbo about copper and other vitamins that i dont get. Apparently Zinc supplements can cause copper deficiency and other things. Can anyone explain in layman's term about how Zinc supplements actually work ??

    I have actually asked my hair stylist about it and she couldnt help much because she didnt know how accutane is making my hair shed and i've stopped seeing my doctor regarding accutane.

    While the hair loss from accutane is supposed to be temporary, there are reports of it being permanent, and to make things worse, my family has history of hair loss and you can imagine how scared i am right now.

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    I'm dealing with hair loss too. I'm starting to get a widow's peak and my brother already has it. I'm thinking about just going bald. Since I like leather jackets, I think it would go well with that.

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    I started taking Biotin a while back to try and help my hair get a bit stronger. All it did was give me horrible breakouts.

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    Unfortunately, there's not much you can do (as far as permanent solutions go) if it's genetic. You'll just have to change your style accordingly.

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    Yeah, if it's genetic I'd say just ''own it''.

    There isn't anything to be ashamed or embarrassed of; nobody gives a crap. The only thing that makes somebody look foolish is when they're blatantly trying to ''hide'' the fact that they're going bald. I say shave it all off! Feel that wind on your head!

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    I recently have loss some hair myself. Not a whole lot, but I have a nice small bald spot on the back of my head now that randomly appeared one morning when I finally woke up. If it gets worse, I might shave my head completely since I've already done it in the past. Hopefully this is just temporary though...I'm only 22 and I like my short hair the way it is/was.

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    Interestingly enough, someone who I subscribe to talked about this a few months back.

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    Bruce Willis?

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    Tywin Lannister?

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    I have no answers for you, but merely wish to sympathize. My father is balding and started to become so around my age, and everyone on my mother's side except her own father is balding as well. My chances are slim, but my most immediate male cousin on my mother's side had a hairline making a run for it at my current age in a way mine is not, so I have my hopes up. If this turns out not to be the case, I might just try and rock a Bruce Willis look.

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    I don't think Fiel has "tats".

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    He has a chinchilla... you don't wanna know where /joke

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