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  1. Default "This item expires on 4/23"

    I notice they give me this message whenever I've opened a Secret Box. I assumed they meant the boxes can only be opened till the 23rd, but just to clarify, the items we get from in the boxes are permanent, right? No invisible timestamp or something? I don't see one but I vaguely remember hearing about things that disappear even without a timestamp.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Default Re: "This item expires on 4/23"

    iamFear mentioned that this system was put into effect for all boxes with an expiry duration at KMS so I'm sure this is the same thing.

  3. Default Re: "This item expires on 4/23"

    That will be pretty bad if some people spend mucho money cubing items that appear to be permanent but aren't.

  4. Default Re: "This item expires on 4/23"

    Yeah, it would seriously stink. :|

    I guess I'll buy a few % belts after all then, thanks! They're cheap enough right now that I guess I won't be losing that much money either way. \o/

  5. Default Re: "This item expires on 4/23"

    It's the boxes that are temporary unless you see an expiration date on the items themselves.

    Once the date comes up either the boxes disappear or you just can't open them, period.

  6. Default Re: "This item expires on 4/23"

    Better not give Nexon any ideas about "invisible timestamps", lol.

    But yeah, if the item doesn't have a expiration date, it's permanent.

  7. Default Re: "This item expires on 4/23"

    A nice way to test if an item has an expiration date is to try to fuse it. Of course, this requires two of that item, but it's a quick and dirty (probably not foolproof) method if you have doubts.



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