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    My brother either left the EVO lobby or D/Ced (maybe at the cutscene) in such a manner that he continued or started some of the quests outside of the that lobby. As a result, when he talks to Lotus and gets the option to press START to enter through the Digitizing 1 quest, all he gets is:

    "Y has not completed the <A World of My Making> quest, and cannot enter."

    He has the following quests completed under the Evolution System header:
    Powering Up
    Missing Manual
    Evolution Underground
    Left Behind
    Suspicious Movement on the P...

    He has no quests under that header In Progress.

    The quest is not located in the Available tab.

    I saw some others had maybe a related problem on Basil, not sure. Is he being a dummy and the quests exists somewhere he didn't look? I think this is a Bug but it could be Q&A too.

    Images of problem

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    Default Re: Unable to Enter EVO

    I had a similar problem. You also have to do the the prequests for Dimension Invasion. It took me forever to figure that out...

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    Actually, it was something different, he was still in our Root Abyss party. You can't be in a party the first time you go in. It's like Spirit of Rock all over again.



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