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  1. Default How do I get those "boxes"?

    What I meant on the quoted is that I see that people are claiming they got Clean Slates, Tempest, Tree Branches, etc from those boxes. They're the new boxes and I heard they're something called "Evo Box"?

    I'm wondering what exactly are those boxes and how do I get them?

    Sorry, I vaguely know anything about this. I just heard it's from this new patch.

  2. Default Re: How do I get those "boxes"?

    Monsters from evolving world and dimension invade drops them, they are called 'Secret Box'.

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    Default Re: How do I get those "boxes"?

    They are called Secret Boxes and are dropping everywhere.

    Kill monsters, pick up the boxes, open them. The usual.

  4. Default Re: How do I get those "boxes"?

    I have another question though. Does it drop even if you're high level killing low level mobs or does level difference matter?

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    Default Re: How do I get those "boxes"?

    Are they a permanent or temporary addition?

  6. Default Re: How do I get those "boxes"?

    Every time you open one, a message saying something along the lines of "open this before April 23rd!" will pop up. I'm assuming they're temporary. :/

  7. Default Re: How do I get those "boxes"?

    Also, does Big Spider familiar increase the drop rate for those boxes in the Dimension Invasion PQ?



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