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    Default MapleSEA got Tempest

    MapleSEA got Tempest

    extreme makeover

  2. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    Don't jump the gun bro, it's April 1st here so some to most of the parts may be fake. There's a reason why I posted this same thing in the April Fool's thread first.

  3. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    i dont think this is fake though.

  4. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    Come on, this is MapleSEA we're talking about so one must never get hyped up even if it's not the first of April.

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    Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    I thought MapleSEA itself was an April Fools joke.

  6. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    "Extreme Makeover" is from Unlimited, yes?
    That's.. sort of weird, but OK.

  7. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    ಠ_ಠ That's a low blow, how dare they take so many years to fool us!

  8. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    Exactly what I was thinking. In Unlimited the drop rate for equipment items and maximum damage is increased. Tooltip is the new sleek user interface that you see when you look at the stats of an equipment.
    ''Biggest content patch ever'' - The MapleSEA team went to the Nexon building in Korea recently. Maybe MapleSEA will finally crawl back to the top since they're so behind in content compared to other versions?

  9. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    It's certainly possible but again such a decision may cause backlash if they've cut out other contents. Oh well, since April Fool's day isn't over yet I guess it remains to be seen just how much of this is true and will be coming soon.

    This might mean their photos posted on FB (Which was totally helpful, by the way) was in fact referring to this negotiation to be faster in some ways than nearly every other server as MapleSEA will no longer be a year behind KMS with this leap.

  10. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    I just looked up what KMS changed in the Unlimited update and I think they really are getting a part of Unlimited. Remember, the first part of Unlimited is mostly system revamps.
    If you look in the April edition of their magazine, you see a screenshot with a lots of items being dropped and Medal of Honors (used for Inner Ability). Medal of Honors start to drop from monsters in the first part of Unlimited in KMS.
    The reorganized tool tip is definitely that black sleek user interface.

    I'm curious what else is in their season 2 patch.

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    Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    I thought of this as well, but it's not the first time they randomly get images from other servers and we got disappointed.

    @Locked; Are you going to do extractions for MSEA?

  12. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    So are we. The only thing we can confirm for now is that the first few parts involve all three Tempest jobs plus their Hypers at minimum + Unlimited system changes. Although that again has me worried that they're bringing over the unwelcome changes as well as our successes are far behind that of other servers and MapleSEA is infamous for not mentioning important changes.

  13. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    have my pineapples

  14. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    This just in: The picture has been changed back to what it was previously! Which is why I said to not you know, post this here so quickly.

  15. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    Nexon likes calling 4 or 5 patches combined 'improved Tempest', as we've seen in EMS. If this happens, EMS will be last in the update line yet again.....I wouldn't be surprised if they did it though, it gave EMS an insane player boost because A LOT of people came back for Kaiser.

    And waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute, am I blind or is the DrK at the 'Extreme Makeovers' part using a level 150 sengoku spear? Probably means nothing though.

  16. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    I've already theorized all servers are up for Sengoku at some point as former exclusives like Veracent are spreading out to other servers too. Incidentally, take all of these contents lightly as it's likely that it's an April Fool's joke given the Facebook cover change.

  17. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    Fair enough. I think they'll do it though, the sh*tstorm they'll get if it is fake will most likely persevere them into doing it anyway.
    And I'd definitely like all exclusive GMS content, mainly proper KSH and non-nerfed LHC. Aliens would be nice as well.

  18. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    I'd say at least half of that is confirmed, but I'd prefer for them to do it bit by bit to avoid major issues as many players are one major frustration away from quitting.

  19. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    They'll screw it up anyway. If it is real, enjoy the quest resets you'll probably also get! My guild pretty much stopped doing PB because of that, lmao
    On the other hand, it gave me like 6 Luminous Rings and all of my mastery books for free c:

    But seriously, if AsiaSoft is as bad as I think it is there will be less bugs, because they get less opportunities to screw it up (instead of screwing up every patch, there's only one patch to be screwed up now).

  20. Default Re: MapleSEA got Tempest

    MapleSEA veterans! Say 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOO' if you were a victim of the Aqua Road patch.

    You'd be surprised, plus our own website is so shabbily updated it looks like we're living in the past never mind the bug fixes.



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