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  1. Default DoT/Summon damage?

    I do nonzero damage off 0 range in the above pic. It kills the monster too, so it's really doing that much.

    It was suggested in another thread that DoTs and summons just use matk int and luk as is instead of using range.
    It is also possible that the range displayed in the stat window is completely useless and can be ignored.

    I had 0 range when I summoned it too, in case anyone's wondering. Didn't change equips in between.

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    Default Re: DoT/Summon damage?

    You automatically have a 0 range when you de-equip your weapon. However, you still have AP and attack from armor. Your summon and DoT damage would be calculated off of that, using the normal formula.

    The only interesting question would be what weapon multiplier is used for classes with variable weapons.

  3. Default Re: DoT/Summon damage?

    A couple more tests.

    0 att Night Walker no weapon using Night = MISS
    Night Walker with wand equipped (1~1 range) using Night = MISS
    >0 att Mercedes no weapon Elemental Knights = MISS



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