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    I've been seeing a peculiar game recently named Scarlet Blade. I've browsing the webs now and if you're like me, odds are you came across this ad.

    I dismissed this as stupid, but blaming my male curiosity, I looked up more into it and damn, never had I seen such a stupid and sexist game like this before. Now, I'm supporting the idea of an all women team to protect humanity, that sounds awesome if done properly. This isn't done properly.

    Basically, humanity is in danger by an evil alien species (go figure) and what do we use to fight them off? Genetically enhanced strippers wearing clothing that could pass off as dressing nude. Then again, it's a +18 MMORPG, but no sex or stuff like that.

    Here's one of the classes. I got a kick out of her uniform.

    Her class name? The Whipper.

    Sorry, this feels like too mature a subject to talk about, but it's something I gotta say.
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    I played the Closed beta and Alpha. For being a game that suppose to about sex appeal. The game actually has pretty decent combat system, Story Line and Environmental affects. And Yes this game is way too mature for the normal citizens of SP.

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    Stuff like this makes me wish there was a bored rich person out there that for every game with overly-sexualized female characters they would make a game with equally if not more so overly-sexualized male characters.

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    Yeahhh I would suggest no one post any more videos or screenshots beyond that, sadly this game is enough to warrant an obscenity infraction. I'm not kidding. <_<;

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    Didn't we start to crack down on obscenity now?

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    >expecting quality from aeria games

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    Hey, this game is basically the manga Freezing.

    Except with no scythes.

    Not gonna play it.

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    No, more like Queens Blade.

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    Reminds me of Bayonetta.

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    I meant, plotwise and female cast wise.

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    That, I agree with.

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    I was in Alpha/Pre-CBT.

    The game itself isn't so bad, but I don't like the battle system at all which is an immediate deal-breaker for me. Not a fan of battle systems that have you just pressing your hotkeys once they've finished cooldown. It doesn't help that you literally cannot dodge anything in this game so you're LITERALLY tanking hits while pressing your hotkeys.

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    i saw this and I think "How does a game like this even make it to open beta?"

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    The maturity level of the game doesn't matter if I can't play the game in someone's house without making it look like I'm showing a porno. Besides, why should I play some F2P game for boobs? The game just seems to scream "cheesy".

    Also this review video made me see how hilariously sexualized and corny the game is:



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