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    What the heck is this and what triggers this? I sometimes get this when I run. I'm not lagging whatsoever (computer or Internet). Sometimes I disconnect from this and sometimes I don't.

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    I was getting this two nights ago. I don't know if it is connected or not but when it happened to me I was holding down on the right arrow key. Basically, holding down on any movement key.

    But when I didn't press anything and let it load I had no problems.

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    Just tried this twice (not a large sample size, I know). I completely removed my hands from mouse/keyboard after I clicked in. It worked the first time, then failed second time :(

    Thanks though, it was worth a shot. Still curious what possibly triggers this.

    I notice that sometimes if I click too fast it happens or if someone else goes in slightly before I do (but it hasn't always turned out true)

    Edit: Actually, that does seem to help a lot. I've only gotten it that once after you suggested that.

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    Make sure none of your pokemon faint?

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    it does it when you go from run to run too quickly. Happens me to a TON. Not my fault I complete a run in 10-15 seconds -_-

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    This has happend to me pretty often as of late, but not in Azwan, it has been happening to me during zakum 3rd body when I used a certain combo of skills with my hayato. So I don't think it has anything to do with familiars, or due to speed of a run.



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