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  1. Cool R>Tempted~

    Hi I'm recruiting once again for a Scanian guild called Tempted. Below is some details about the guild and what we're all about.

    What is Tempted?
    Tempted is a guild that started back in 2007. We're open for all levels 1-200.

    Features of Tempted
    -Daily Root Abyss runs with various members.
    -Outside of maple interactions, games like Leauge of Legends, OMGPOP and Warcraft 3 are played by some members.
    -All boss runs(working on killing Chaos Pink Bean, had only one body left last time so close!!)
    -Empress gear to members. If you have been in the guild for at least 3 weeks you are eligible to receive free Empress gear! This includes weapons as well. All gear not claimed will be sold as splits to the runners.(Note:You must not have any previous Empress gear and it must be for your class ONLY. Taking the gear and selling it will result in loss of privileges.)

    What are we looking for?
    At Tempted we're looking to continue our long standing guild and family. Many of our members have been here for a while and we're looking to further expand that. We're looking for nice, and active members to be willing to help with boss runs and just be a nice part of the guild. Damage is not a factor to us, if you do large amounts of damage? Great, if not also great.

    We're going to start recording some boss runs soon enough and start more events for our members. If you are looking to join comment below and contact anyone of these members:


    Crossbleder- Co-Owner
    Trueblitz- Co-owner
    TheTrueDag- Co-owner
    WoIfeStaker- Co-owner.

    XShiller-Head of boss managment

    vKatana-Head of Recruition and new members
    WinterWash-Co-Head of Recruition and new members.


    Contact anyone above and say you would like to join Tempted and say where you saw the message to be added.

    Thank you have a wonderful day~
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    I would like to join this guild but can't seem to find anyone online to ask...
    My IGN is AnnaJaz and I'm currently a level 73 Hayato

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    Tellusapartz and us have parted ways recently with no hard feelings. I need to edit this post with names since a few people character changed. I will add you to my Kanna's bl later and add you in.



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