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    So, to head off the problem that we had with Jett as soon as possible (the problem with Jett being that there are no mastery books for the class because Mystery Mastery Books don't have their skills in them) I wanted to ask the JMS players something.

    Does Ranmaru's MMBs include Hayato's and Kanna's books?

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    I'm pretty sure they're the exact same mastery book that drop from regular mobs and other monsters.

    I have more faith in JMS imported content than what happened with Jett. I have good hopes that Kanna and Hayato mastery books will remain permanently.

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    Default Re: Sengoku Mastery Books

    Also just to make it clear, the mystery mastery books do definitely give sengoku books. I got a Hayato mastery book a week or so before he was released. from a normal mastery book.

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    Default Re: Sengoku Mastery Books

    I think the real test will be when MMBs start popping out mastery books for the next class (Demon Avenger?)
    Then, if Nexon does their usual copy-paste instead of a version merge, MMBs will stop dropping Hayato and Kanna books. Just as somewhere along the line they stopped dropping JETT books.



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