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  1. Default Should i stil buy this tyrant cape?

    Clean Tyrant cape I was planning to buy in bello-Nova, at first it was just the plain cape unpotted or anything, Since my initial offer as such still being the highest The seller decided to cube it during the miracle time Sunday and it's now 3 Line Legendary, Now he's added two lines of Bonus potential and cubed it too epic bonus pot. I'm not sure if I should still try to buy from him or not considering he may try to pressure a higher and higher price which gives a higher risk of him scamming me.

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    Regardless of price, definitely scout about and find out his trade history first.

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    Well, has he upped the price since he cubed it, and by how much? He may have saved you some time getting it to legendary, so paying slightly more would still be worth it. But do look into his trade history first as suggested. The miracle time probably saved a lot of cubes, i was able to get one legendary and two unique equips from an 11 cub pack.

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    The price is reasonable currently, however he claims he wants items as apposed too money, and my offered items he says aren't worth it, so I'm left with paying cash or finding some other means.

    As for his trade history I've heard from some people he's a scammer and from others he just merches and rips people off by buying very low or selling really high. so that's inconclusive.

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    Saying he wants items instead of money sounds a little fishy. To me it sounds like he's just trying to super lowball your items so that he can get more out of you and make a massive profit.

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    That's my main concern. Well I think I'm going to have to pass on his cape, Not a big deal eventually tyrant gear will come back from another source (hopefully HMMagnus) and I'll get it then. It's not like I'm in a rush to get gear anyways it's going to be for a Xenon after all



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