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    Is anyone else even playing this? I feel like it's game of the month, at the very least, so I wish more people would buy it so more sequels can be released, they've finally got the system down pretty well. First game was terrible, second game had a decent system but was terribly unfunny, this one has an even better system and is pretty goddamn hilarious at times, especially the running jokes that are built upon throughout the game. I'm currently about 40 hours in and nowhere close to finished...and the massive list of DLC fights/dungeons/characters hasn't even started to be released yet. I heard there's DLC that make level cap 399 and 999 after that, too. Another thing I like is that there are only 3 endings, getting all those endings in the second one was incredibly tedious, since you had to NG+ like 20 times.

    Right now I'm working on crafting; they have a pretty neat crafting system, most of the crafted stuff is costume outfits (though all the top tier items are crafts, too). All the really cute outfits are hard as hell to make. Almost gotten Ram's Black Mage outfit done, then I'm gonna start on Rom's White Mage one probably.


    Level cap DLC 1 is out, max level is now 399!
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    I went ahead and got the limited edition, I'll play it when I get a PS3.

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    I've been playing it on and off, it's definitely my favorite out of the three Neptunia games. I'm about 12 hours into the game so far and I'm not even near the halfway point yet. The boss battles in Victory seem like they required a lot more grinding before hand than they did in MK2, which I don't really mind at all since MK2 overall felt really easy to me.

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    I only had to start grinding once I got to true end route, before that you can stack EXE drive, spam break attacks, then offload your EXE finishers onto them when they are guard broken. I can only think of one boss before ch9 that that didn't work on.

    By the way, one reason you may be losing is because you aren't utilizing the scout system to it's fullest; scouting can unlock entire new dungeons that have very good exp enemies or in a couple cases have a very powerful item in a blue cube, not a craft recipe, the item itself. The other thing you may be missing is the harvest shift events and boss spawn events that scouting can give; harvest shifting makes the little ? mark boxes drop Disc burn materials, some really good ones in a lot of cases, and boss spawn event mobs can drop medals which you can trade in for much stronger Discs. oh, and don't use spawn boss in an area you can barely clear; the spawned boss is 10-15 levels over the area, and in a couple of cases, as much as 50 levels over, save before you fight them definitely; it spawns where the O) icon mob on the minimap usually is.

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    I'm not getting the collector's edition this time, short on cash :( Will get the standard in a while though. I still haven't even beaten the second game!

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    That's probably the exact the reason why I had trouble with a few of the boss battles. I only used the scout system a few times, and I never really utilized very well so I ended up grinding and doing a bunch of quests to get past them. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely start utilizing the scout system a lot more!

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    Another tip; savescum it, or set it on auto-gather. Autogather is probably better, since even if you don't get what you want your scouts will level up, which you definitely want. Just go into a zone thats 8-10 day (press L/R to switch from monsters to days needed), and walk straight back out, the days will pass and you can go into your start menu and collect the scout rewards. They have a short rest period between each scout time, so during that go into the dungeon twice to clear rest period+scout time.

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    That definitely clears up a lot of things, I wasn't too sure in beginning how the resting period times worked so I would forget I could send my scouts out again. The scouting rating dropped my overall score on chapter 2 by a lot, so now I think I'll be able to improve that through the rest of the game

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    I lahv Sadie :3

    I really like how funny this one is too. I haven't played the original but i got mk2. I didn't hate it but the story was pretty blah and most of the candidates annoyed me.
    When i first started up V i found it quite hard. i realize now its because i wasn't doing many quests and just doing the story in fear of ending pineappleups with shares like mk2. Last night i grinded a bit and im more comfortable with things.

    Noire pls

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    They're already up to 3 games? Jeez, I haven't played one of these since I played the original. Which was...mediocre. I've heard that the other games were far improved though. Would you recommend this to someone who didn't think much of the original, or is it still too similar?

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    If you enjoyed the concept of the original game, I'd say give the series another shot. Whether or not you'll enjoy the games now depends on what you disliked about the original. For me that was mostly the combat mechanics, and those have improved far beyond the original game.

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    1 is absolutely terrible, systemwise. 2 and 3 are almost entirely different games in all but premise.

    2 more are already announced for Vita, by the way.

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    1 was pretty bad, especially if you were going for the platinum trophy. Filling out every single continent's gauge and trying to get every single event was a pineappleing pain in the ass.

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    Apparently, there are only 7 DLC characters, and Red isn't one of them. God damn you, Japan.

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    Wasn't Red Entertainment acquired by some Chinese company named UltiZen? It sucks that Red hasn't been in a game since the first one, but I'd guess the company's acquisition is one of the reasons why. Also, there is one more DLC character aside from those 7, which is Tekken.

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    Oh yeah, I saw that one too, it's relatively new.

    Honestly, I don't care about the character so much as the voice. ;_;

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    Any of you happen to know the stats on the DLC equips? I can't find any listings; I was thinking about getting Neptune's sword since the top tier craftable ingame for her has -500ACC, which is horsepomegranate, and the one under that is 700 less attack. Curious about the accessories as well.

    oh and, by the way, here's a nice compilation of sites/threads for finding stuff - pigments - ultimate equip crafting, hidden chests, boss locations/drops, just about everything else

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    Young IF and Compa DLC out today. EN voices are completely broken and JP IF is partially broken, but they are going to patch them soon. They will also be getting a free level cap increase DLC later. According to others, these are the two least important DLC characters with no new quests associated to them, but I wanted them anyway.



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