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  1. Basic1 [Question] Cannon Shooter

    Cannon Shooter ,

    eq = Emp Cyg set [full set]

    how many str % and Wa
    Can cap dmg [999,999] (in azwan hard/hell mode)

    with hyper skill buck shot + canon bazooka

    buff potion can use alchemist +60 all stats & +30wa

    any suggest ?

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    He's basically asking how much STR% and WA do you need to deal capped damage at Aswan Hard/Hell mode assuming you're using full set Cygnus and the Cannon Bazooka skill with the Buck Shot hyper skill.

    To which my answer is, are you even sure our server isn't going to be blown away before that based on how we're stuck at the Justice patch?

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    1) I have no idea why you're asking this.
    2) 200-300k range. Doesn't matter how you get there.

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    haha jz asking only , jz found out azwan mob nice exp


    high lv map only azwan have party bonus ? i mean the 6 party member maximun 250% exp

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    The only problem is that the mobs have terrible HP:EXP ratios, even for party bonus mobs.

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    On the other side the spawn is pretty large.



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