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  1. Default Infinite Crisis: A DC Universe MOBA?

    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Time will tell I'm sure, and I'm willing to bet the playerbase will be largely split between casual players who play because it's DC and competitive players who play because it's a MOBA. Whether or not the publisher is competent when it comes to balance will also be a major selling point.

    Willing to give it a shot when it comes out.

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    Default Re: Infinite Crisis: A DC Universe MOBA?

    I really don't think this game can become an eSport like LoL or DoTA 2, but it should still at least grab the attention of casual players. I'm going to watch gameplay videos before I decide if I want to give the game a try or not. I do admit though that it's rather smart of them to use all the multiverses, since that pretty much gives them endless characters for the game.

    What I'll find hilarious though would be arguments along the lines of this:
    Dark Knight Batman too OP.
    OMG Hal Jordan Green Lantern is underpowered and Jon Stewart Green Lantern is so OP!
    Emperor Joker is stomping the metagame. Nerf now!

  3. Default Re: Infinite Crisis: A DC Universe MOBA?

    Superman prime OP, nerf plz

    On topic: I think this will fall into another niche game, it's the DC universe though so it has a chance to survive as a smaller niche game. I don't see it have any chance to grab players from the two big games in the genre.



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