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  1. Default Watercolors (second attempt)

    How did I only find out about these now?!

  2. Default Re: Watercolors (second attempt)

    There's something deeply satisfying making something physical with your hands.

    Have you tried Acrylics or Gouache? I highly recommend the Gouache book, you'd be hard pressed to find a better teacher than Rob Howard.

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    Default Re: Watercolors (second attempt)

    Amazing *-*

    Watercolors are quite challenging but I've started to like them more and more during my 3 years in art school.

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    Default Re: Watercolors (second attempt)

    These are so opposite of your usual bold-coloured creepy drawings. These are so... peaceful. Easy on the eyes, while still being interesting enough to look at and enjoy the details.



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