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  1. Default Is the 3DS XL worth the purchase?

    Here I am, staring down at this page. I'd really like to buy the system while it's $40 cheaper, but I can't seem to find any worthwhile games that would justify its purchase other than the new Luigi's Mansion that just came out (yes pls).

    Played Mario 3D Land, was okay. Didn't really like Mario Kart 7. Also considered Vita at one point.

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    I also want to get a 3DS XL because of the exact same deal, but not sure if I should wait for an XL bundle.

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    If you don't have a original 3DS, then yes it's worth it. Also, remember for North America residents, if you buy a 3DSXL and a copy of either Luigis Mansion 2 or the new 3DS Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game and register both the console and game on the NOA club nintendo website now, you can claim a free download copy of one of the following games

    Super Mario 3D Land
    Star Fox 64 3D
    Art Academy 3DS
    Freakyforms Deluxe
    Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

    The event ends April 30.
    (Hint: Get Mario 3D land, layton or Starfox, don't blow it on art academy like I did in the europe equivalent).

    Now that that is out of the way, I would say absolutely. The 3DS has a pretty good selection of games to choose from right now, and it looks like it's only getting better from here.

    I'm just going to start throwing things out because I have no idea what genres you like, feel free to say so and I'll make some better recommendations

    In general though I would highly recommend :

    Kid Icarus Uprising (The writing in this game is brilliant and always hilarious, it's by the same guy who makes the Smash Bros games, and it really shows. Very Polished, but the control scheme takes some getting used to. My Most played retail 3DS game). The online mode is great too, though I'm not sur eif anyone else on SP even has this game other than me.
    Super Mario 3D Land (You could claim it for free with the above offer!)
    Virtues Last Reward (Also on PSvita, it's a visual novel, but you should play the DS game 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors first, because this one is a sequel to it)
    Theathrhythm: Final Fantasy
    New Super Mario Bros 2
    Tales of the Abyss. If you like RPGs and haven't played the PS2 version, it's probably worth playing.
    Resident Evil Revelations: The best horror/shooter (only?) on the console. It's probably the best looking game too. The Consoles and PC are all getting a higher res port with some improvements in May though, so those versions might be preferable.

    Games I would also say are worth a play, but might not be for everyone:
    Sonic Generations: Decent 2D platformer. Good online.
    Ghost Recon Shadow wars. A good tactical grid based game, kinda like fire emblem. Possibly redundant now that Fire Emblem : awakening is out.
    Paper Mario Sticker Star: A good game. Just doesn't reach the lofty heights set by the previous Gamecube and N64 games. Lost a lot of the rpg elements too :(
    Rayman Origins: If you can't get on eof the console or PC versions.
    Mario Kart 7: It's ok. Probably the weakest Mario Kart for a long time though.

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    So it can be any 3DSXL and not just the pikachu edition?

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    Yep. Any model of 3DSXL counts, so long as you register it and one of the two games between the dates of 14th Feb 2013 and April 30th 2013.

    The NoA website for the promotion even shows a Black 3DSXL in its advertising.

    Edit: That said, I suppose I should mention that There is probably a good chance nintendo will announce another (probably superficial) 3DS model at some point this year, because they've announced a new model of DS/3DS for the last 4 years running and I don't see the chain breaking this year.

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    Guess I'll be getting a 3DSXL soon and I'll take advantage of the buy 1 game get the 2nd at 40% off Toys R Us sale.

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    Did you have an original model DS? Because if you didn't, it's worth remembering that the 3DS can play all DS games, which had a pretty amazing library too, and you can get several great DS games for bargain prices.

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    I've still got my fat blue DS and was waiting to upgrade to the 3DS/XL as soon as they had a good bundle or sale. I like making my consoles last and don't like upgrading to a new system unless if it's a complete change as in new types of cartridges/discs or once it breaks down and won't work(which hasn't happened as I still have the SNES I got for christmas when I was ~6).



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