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    Kinda hypocritical of you to post this when you've got a picture in your signature supporting someone who's anti gay rights, and against affirmative action.

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    It's not possible for a world without hate, but if at least the western world has equal rights for everybody the world would definitely feel like a brighter place, or at least a part of it.

    It's good that we have moved on from our past mistakes regarding race, ethnicity and sexuality, even if these changes are fairly recent. To go from basically no rights 60 or 70 years ago to the kind of society we have today is pretty damn amazing, and with some exceptions like lolArizona, it's getting even better.

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    Rand Paul's not anti-gay, some may think he is, but he's far from it. But don't worry, those are much important than the national debt.

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    A world without hate would mean all of those people would be nobodies.

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    To an approximation, love is the opposite of hate.

    If there is no hate, then there is no love to be defined. Therefore, in a world with no hate, there is no love.

    Hope you know what I'm getting at.

    edit: just being liquid CO2 here - I don't see how saving somebody from a fire has anything to do with hate.


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    Hate is as much a part of us as love is. We can only learn to be more tolerant, to defend those who are unjustly hated and enact laws to ensure fairness as hatred and dislike still contribute to progress much as passion and love does.

    Incidentally, I hate the idea of this video.

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    In theory this maybe true but I dont personally believe it would fall that way. Think of it like being strangers on a bus, without hate, that is probably the closest feeling we'd have to hatred, yet you can define love or feel that extreme emotion even if the lowest bar is tolerance. Not saying you're wrong but for the sake of discussion

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    Yup that's my point. I don't like how people demand or wish for something that is somewhat extreme. To want (read: wish) something to disappear is extreme to me. On the other hand, I feel that the middle ground is the thing to wish for - more love, less hate (based on my previous comparative). Because we're human, we must have both love and hate, but the civilised way to have both is tolerance, which is what you precisely said.


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    For us both to come to that conclusion easily, I feel faith in our generation as it's becoming common sense!

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    I can't imagine a world without hate because technically a lot of stuff can come from hate.

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    You really ought to look more into the people you so blindly follow before making statements like these. Rand Paul's opinion on gay marriage lies somewhere in-between "Oh gee, gay marriage, that's a tough one" and "Lemme go ask my daddy what he thinks."

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    How can you tell what's love (baby don't hurt me~) without hate?
    How can you see dark without light?
    There's no up if there's no down.

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    Pretty sure that's at least 90% of his thought process

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    So I tried imagining a world without hate...

    I have to say, it was pretty dull. Because hate isn't a true emotion, and is brought upon through other emotions put in turmoil by conflicting values of two individuals, a world without the concept of hate would be a world without emotion. Yes, it's nice to think about a world with no war and suffering, but being a vegetable that simply goes through the motions of everyday life to be a grievous price to pay.

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    I know you're trying to be philosophical and I'll let you finish, but jesus christ motivation by hatred actually has a name, it's called revenge, and in like other philosophical movies, is never ending retardation.

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    As we can see demonstrated by philosophical movies.

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