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    Default Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    IGN Confirms Several Durango Rumors: Used Games, Online, and More

  2. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    I don't mean to be rude, but Microsoft is f'cking insane.

  3. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    And this is why I feel Sony will come out on top with the PS4 this time around. However, the WiiU might even be more pleasing if they freaking release good games on it... Oh, yeah, also don't forget all that pomegranate added onto not having free wireless play. Definitely not sold, and I will never buy it.

  4. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Looks like microsoft is about to dump all over the competition. Harharhar.

  5. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    So, this is a feature to flaunt how? These people are nuts.

  6. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Microsoft would have to be insane to drop used game sales.

    Sony already have a much more tempting offer if they allow used game sales, on top of being region free and the amazing deal that is PS+ (I'm on the verge of wanting a Vita + PS3 or 4 for the amazing amount you get out of playstation + alone, especially compared to the pathetic mess that is Xbox Live which exists solely to screw the consumer over).

    If microsoft actually go through with it, I can't imagine any possible way that sony could lose to them.

  7. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    I think all us Wii U owners can rest easy knowing that it's going to be almost impossible to lose to Microsoft if this crap is true. It's going to take an awful lot of fanboys...and I think Nintendo has more.

  8. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Or we end up with 3 consoles, all tanking. Microsoft because of it's retarded policies, Sony because they pull a "$599 US dorrars!" again and nintendo because of 5-6 month long periods of no releases. Nobody is out of the woods yet.

  9. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Very true, but I definitely think this move has really hurt Microsoft, when it was poised to be the go-to console considering the other two for the same reasons you just mentioned.

  10. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    The decline of consoles summed up in one post. Beautiful.

  11. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    The problem is, it doesn't just apply to consoles. The entire gaming market is crashing, and it NEEDS to crash. Every single big name in the industry as of right now needs to go bankrupt, to make room for new, better companies to take their place in a few years when the vidya great depression ends.

  12. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Not complaining. I'm an advocate. Aside from big nostalgic names who have become the "go to" for profit projects, there isn't any spice in the industry. No room for new classics. No creativity for those ideas that are viable. It's been this way for years and it isn't going to change until one of the big 3 spends money to analyze why it's happening. Or they can just blindly choke hold their partners like microsoft is clearly doing.

  13. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Seems dumb in my opinion, The old fashioned game store is already losing to online options such as steam. But wasn't Sony planning the same thing? I heard it somewhere before..

  14. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    It would be nice if they did crash. It would be nice if there was one system that plays all the games but can be manufactured by different CO. Then just have people making different types of games and maybe different controllers/ accessory hardware for games. That and allow old games to sell. There's probably PLENTY of games from 1998~2004 that many people would be willing to buy but dont have the console. or the game from 7 years ago cost like $50 or something way out dated and expensive.

  15. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    There is no information to indicate that Microsoft is forcing people to stay online, or that your discs will be worthless after installing them to one console. The only "confirmed" details are that games will be installed to the hard drive to run (guess what your computer does) and that the Durango has "always online" functionality (not necessarily DRM). This article is a shining example of bad journalism and you guys are eating it up.

  16. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Then that speaks volumes about the amount of goodwill we have left for microsoft: They're in a position to screw gamers: We automatically assume they're going to do it. Notice how nobody ever assumed Nintendo were going to do it with the wii u? Nintendo might have some backwards policies and trouble getting third parties on board, but they still seem to care what their consumers think. Not true of microsoft.

  17. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Corporations are not faceless entities with single-minded motivations, and the hundreds of millions of people who play video games worldwide are not one hivemind.

    Nintendo does have these exact restrictions on all the games you download in the Wii U store.

  18. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Damn, how did this go from Microsoft possibly screwing up to wishing for videogame apocalypse?

    About Microsoft I find it pretty unlikely they'd do something like this with their next console. They sure know what the playerbase wants and they know what their competitors have already offered to them. Microsoft certainly didn't grow so big off stupid decisions. Personally I wouldn't mind it one bit, I've always considered the xbox doesn't have anything to offer over the PS or Wii, if they did this it'd nearly kill them which would be benefical to Nintendo which does have something to offer.

    As for the gaming apocalypse, I don't think it has to go as far as die and revive. The gaming business is already going in decline anyway, with companies focusing on bigger and bigger projects with massive amounts of investment that leave lower and lower profits, often losing money instead. One example of this is Capcom, which's ditched any franchise that's not suited for an AAA release. This business scheme eventually is gonna grow so big that's gonna crash and crush them, but lets hope that is something they get to learn from and not something that kills them.

  19. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    Ok. But does any major download store offer the ability to trade in digital games as used? Because I can't think of anyone. I know Valve toyed with the idea, but that hasn't come to anything yet. No-one expects a digital files to be sellable (without selling on the hardware too). This just isn't the case with physical retail discs (lolretailpcgaming).

    I have no idea. I honestly cannot see how thousands of people (millions?) losing their jobs will reinvigorate the industry.

  20. Default Re: Durango (Xbox 720) and all its BS.

    I can't exactly agree with that considering Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was just released and is by no means qualifying as an AAA release in the states, at least in terms of sales. In Japan, sure, but they never have to localize it. I'm happy that they do, of course, but that's not the discussion here.

    I don't think gaming needs to completely die off, that would be awful...I think companies just need to get a better grip on what players want. The problem is there's far too many people buying crap like CoD for outrageous prices that they'll never see it unless everyone suddenly wises up. I think franchises like CoD need to die off, though. How many times can you resell the same exact game with a patch's quantity of updates, call it a new game, and justify the price? Far more than I thought, for sure, but that cannot possibly keep going on...can it? CAN IT?!

    Developers also need to stop pushing mechanics from other games into their games just because that mechanic was popular. The big one for me is RPG elements. Why does EVERY game need to have leveling, stats, EXP, equipment, etc.? It's getting absolutely retarded. Why does the new Starcraft Campaign let Kerrigan level, unlock skills, and encounter bosses with required dodge mechanics and all that jazz? Are you f**king kidding me? It's an RTS, not a god damn RPG with RTS elements. Keep my damn genres separate. It's one thing when the entire concept of the game was designed around that kind of stuff, but it's a complete other when they tack it on later, or clearly just added it because people liked it in some other game.



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