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    Default Re: Grass/Ghost Pokemon

    Esprout>Sprux>Mysprux? Those are more Psychic, idk

    Anyways, awesome idea. I've personally loved Grass pokemon ever since my first starter.

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    Default Re: Grass/Ghost Pokemon

    Cute design, but maybe not ghostly enough. I think dead leaves would work more.
    It definitely looks more psychic than ghost.

    I mean it's a flower, a fully grown budded flower, that kinda goes against the ideas of ghost types in my mind :(

    But thats just me moaning, I still think it's cute.
    Any idea on what the colours would be?

  3. Default Re: Grass/Ghost Pokemon

    Oh my, another Fakemon designer! -High fives-

    It seems heavily based on existing Ghost types, Frillish and Shuppet. I don't think the damaged leaves are enough to give it a spooky effect. Litwick is adorable and spooky because one of its eyes are covered. Still, it's a really neat concept! Maybe some color could give it more of a "story."



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