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Thread: Xenon Advantage

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    -Can Wear Both Pirate And theif Equip
    -All xenon weapon are both pirate and theif
    -Tyrant Equip
    -Can wear Either Full Pirate Root Abyss Equip or Theif Root Abyss
    -Chaos Pinkbean Hat/Overall
    -Can get The 3 Best Totem of STR / DEX / LUK
    -Tinker Belt / Shoulder
    -Char Card can use Kaiser/Angelic Burster (+80str/dex)
    -Mutiable Potential (instead of 2(all stats + Main stats) option xenon has 4(all stats + Str/Dex/Luk) option from cubes and much easier and less expensive to cube the right stats)
    -Hyper Skill(Passive Skill Stats) Can use All 3 Stats(Str/Dex/Luk) giving him bonus of 150 stats on hyper skill instead


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    I thought everyone knew this for a while now.

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    Yeah, there aren't any game mechanics or discussion involved here.



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