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  1. Default Character select screen rant

    With every new character having a link skill, when are they gonna give us the option to assign link skills from the character select screen? That would be really helpful, just like the part-time job system.

    Also, I don't think there's a way to currently do this, but am I the only one craving for a way to rearrange your characters? I'd like to have my mains on the first page, and then all mules. Some on top, some on bottom.

    Anyway, just an OCD detail that annoys me

  2. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    I definitely agree that we should be able to at least do one of them (rearrange or manage link skills from character select). It really bothers me when I have to move all of my link skills around and have to go across all three pages of characters and just have to login multiple times anyways.

    pls Nexon, pls.

  3. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    While you are on it, make sure they include an option to rearrange the order of characters too.

  4. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Word. My main is on the second page, it just feels so odd going there to select him when I pretty much don't play any more characters on the first page.

  5. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Rearranging characters would definitely be nice.

  6. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    A 'view all characters' button like they used to have would be nice too... not sure why they removed that. Being able to rearrange characters would be great though.

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    Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Supporting the motion of a button in the Char Selection Screen just like Deck and Part Time job for a quicker link skills assingment.
    I would like some info/input in this.
    Would it really be hard to instead of having the skills within each job have it only at the selection screen?
    Click button "Link Skill Management" at the Char Selection Menu.
    Opens a menu with ALL the link skills.

    Elementalism 1: X (selected, after selected opens a pop-up with all your chars and assign it)
    Elemantalism 2: "gray button" (unselectable due not having a Kanna lvl 100)

    Apply this for all the other hyper skills in the same window.
    Works like the deck set.

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    Default Re: Character select screen rant

    In my mind, I have this sad thought that Nexon might IP ban you for logging in your account too much.
    Just a fear but yeah.

  9. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    It only ever supported 15 characters (with no way to see the rest) and only had 9 on the page at a time so it'd be fairly useless now, heh.

  10. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Isn't that when you log into 19 (or some such) different accounts within an hour (or some such) that can get you IP banned,
    not relogging the same account multiple times?

  11. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    I still don't understand why we can't just have link skills affect every character on your account. It's just a huge pain in the arse any other way, and there is no real reason to not have them work like that.

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    Default Re: Character select screen rant

    I've been doing the daily coin grab on all 18 eligible chars on my account, pretty much every day since the event began. The client usually dies halfway through, but other than having to restart, I haven't had problems.

  13. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Same exact reason I want character screen to let use rearrange our characters.

  14. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Because it gives an advantage to people who focus on one char rather than having 10 mains? If you would change this why dont you make inner ability account across so you dont have to lvl it or get new potential on it? It wont matter when unlitmited patch comes out anyway, the gap between someone who focus on one char will become even bigger, but for now I want it to stay this way.

  15. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    The work you need to put into one character to get a good ability right now is generally far greater than the effort it takes to get new char to level 70. Seems like a different issue. You're already allowed to switch link skills to different characters the next day, it'd just be more convenient. It's not like we can play more than one character on the same account at any given time, anyway. Having access to link skills on all our characters at once isn't going to change much, and the people who want to main only one character are still going to main that character. I don't really see people maining a new character every 24 hours even now, heh. Also, when the Unlimited patch comes around and the best Inner Abilities are obtained through the use of NX, it'd be in their best interest to keep Inner Abilities separate so we'd have to roll each character for the stats we want.

  16. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Agreed on the link skills idea. Also, I wish there was an option to change characters without logging off. It's really annoying having to re-log into my account when I have to change characters for those daily coin quests.

  17. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Level 2 link skills will change this, lvl 1-120 may take 4h for funded people or even less (not thinking about gms, you got some stupidly exp rates on that game that I never want in ems) but maybe a week or two for casual players. The reason why char cards are server open for all of your chars, is because the bonus is very small. You have a level 200 marksman giving you 4% crit while a lvl 120 phantom will give you 15% crit, but with the exception of this being to ONE char at the time. I know a lot of you dont share the same opinion even if you main one char or many, I think its fair this way.
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    Default Re: Character select screen rant

    We use to be able to rearrange carecters as well but they took that away too.

  19. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    Unless they changed it recently, logging in through the website allows you to switch characters without going through the login screen first.

  20. Default Re: Character select screen rant

    I forgot about that since I haven't used the website to login for the last year. Still, it would be nice to have a "change character" option in the menus.



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