This isn't me trying to hire someone, nor is it me asking for free labor.

I'm only looking for someone who enjoys video editing and would enjoy making an intro for me. I will give you full credits, or you can give them to yourself somewhere within the intro.

I'm not sure if this is the correct section for this, or if there is even a section for this. But i am trying to get into the MS Videos and every good channel needs some fort of intro. If you are interested feel free to PM me, i can give you my skype. I have somewhat of an imagine in my head but ill have to relay it in words/text so bare with me when we discuss it lol.

Again, i am not looking to hire someone. This is merely for someone who has some free time on their hands and would enjoy this sort of task/challenge.
Also if this is the wrong section sorry but i wasnt sure where this should go, if it is if it could be moved that would be fantastic
Thanks guys~

- Lance