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Thread: Transistor

  1. Default Transistor

    From the creators of bastion, Supergiant Games:

    Looks incredibly interesting and if the soundtrack is anything like what Bastion had i'll be filled with joy.
    Can't wait to get some more information regarding it.

    How do you guys feel about it? Will you be getting it?
    Looks like it'll be a beat-em-up/Action-RPG like bastion.

  2. Default Re: Transistor

    I love it already. I just hope they do enough to differentiate it from Bastion, although the gameplay looks to be the same.

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    Default Re: Transistor

    I was actually reading this at other site.
    Can't wait to see how this will develope.

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    Default Re: Transistor

    It really does remind you of Bastion, Must be mostly for the Art Style. Still looks amazing.

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    It looks interesting, but I would rather have more gameplay footage before I go head over heels about it.

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    Art and soundtrack are bound to be amazing; I hope the game isn't too similar to Bastion, though.

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    Default Re: Transistor

    I loved the heck out of Bastion, for both the art and the gameplay. Seeing the similar art style makes me excited for this.

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    Default Re: Transistor

    It looks incredible already.
    And apparently they're showing it at PAX East, which is this weekend.
    So I guess we could expect some gameplay footage from the people there.

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    Full article at:

    Seeing that bastion was my own GOTY 2011 my hype level is through the roof by now.
    Now begins the waiting game for 2014

    This bit especially:
    ahstogfjslgnkfdlkjtef can't wait.

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    Video of the playable demo available at Pax East.
    I have to see more of this game, but I will probably buy this because I absolutely loved Bastion. I'm liking the strategy mechanics.

    If you watch the demo, listen carefully to the voice of the sword. I'm happy.

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  12. Default Re: Transistor

    Sounds like Logan Cunningham is just going to talk over the entire game again. That was something uniquely awesome about Bastion, I don't like the idea of doing it here.

  13. Default Re: Transistor

    Video from TotalBiscuit

    EDIT: Non-commentated footage, if you prefer.

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  14. Default Re: Transistor

    Super mega ultra bump.
    The game is slated for a May 20 release and pre-orders have started today for PSN and Steam. Can also pre-order on their website to get a Steam key.

  15. Default Re: Transistor

    The storytelling from bastion was top notch.

  16. Default Re: Transistor

    I have so much of a boner waiting for this game.

  17. Default Re: Transistor

    All of this. It's gorgeous.

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    Default Re: Transistor

    May 20?! Holy crap, that was sooner than I expected.

  19. Default Re: Transistor

    Time to add it to my wishlist and wait for opinions when it launches.

  20. Default Re: Transistor

    Beat it a couple hours ago.

    It was really amazing and more than lived up to the hype. I played through Bastion a few days ago (I had played 2/3 of it forever ago but never finished) and enjoyed it a lot, but this blew Bastion away. I didn't expect to like the combat/skill system a ton, because Bastion's wasn't too great, but I ended up loving it because of all the ways you were able to experiment and change things, and how it encouraged you to try new things in a really interesting way. The narration/voice-over is honestly much better than Bastion's in my opinion, and it's integrated into the story in a way that makes much more sense. So basically, if you enjoyed Bastion, you'll probably enjoy this even more.

    ...and for what it's worth, it took me about 11 hours to beat. Though I plan on doing at least some of a Recursion/NG+ because there's some leveling-related stuff I didn't see yet.



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