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    Default Which profession is the most profitable?

    I'm thinking of trying to earn myself some money in game so i can actually buy things and I've heard that the profession system is a way to do this.

    Which profession(s) would be the most profitable? Should i do Herbalism and Alchemy for materials,potions and fusing or Mining and Smithing?

    Also within these professions, what would be the best way to get items through fusing (what should I fuse?) and what kind of Materials should I be looking for to sell?


  2. Default Re: Which profession is the most profitable?

    I'd go for Alchemy overall if your main can solo Monster Park easily. Keep fusing for good stat gear + good bonus potential and farm purple herbs to sell the seeds and flowers or craft potions.

    Putting your other characters on mining/herbalism part-time jobs would also give you materials to work with.

  3. Default Re: Which profession is the most profitable?

    In my experience you need a combination of two professions to be the most profitable. Crafting items such as half earrings or level 40 belts and combining them nets you the most profit.

  4. Default Re: Which profession is the most profitable?

    Crafting potions and fusing is by far one of the best options, but it takes a while to obtain level 10 seed/flower oils and most lvl 10 potions have 10% failure rate. I would go with making a mule for accessory crafting and one with alchemy, then craft lvl 75 earrings and fuse them if they got crap potential/no potential. Other than that make 30 w.att or 5k hp potions?



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