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  1. Default B>150 Abyss Warrior Gear and 2h sword, and Warrior tyrant gear

    I need to buy the following:

    Highness Warrior Helm - 7b or $100
    Trixter Warrior Pants - 7b or $100
    Fafnir Penny Ciel - 14b or $200
    Tyrant Hyades Boots - depends on if scrolled or clean
    Tyrant Hyades Cloak - ^
    Tyrant Hyades Belt - ^

    I can pay in mesos, NX, or moneypak/paypal/western union. Please PM me if you are interested, or post here and mention my name to get my attention.

    edit: Edited OP to put some starting prices. Im also buying Tinkerer Chests for $20 or 3b each
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