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Thread: Tinkerer Chest

  1. Default Tinkerer Chest

    What do I do with it? I heard its for a quest, but I cant find the NPC i have to talk to for it.

  2. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    The event quest starts March 20, so hang on to it for 2 more days.

  3. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    Good luck.
    I have four, gonna try and get a tier four of whatever I get
    Either that or two tier 2's

  4. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    Is NX still required to open it o_O?

  5. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    No. You open the box through a quest. The reward is a random version of the belt/shoulder pad. To attempt to upgrade it you need to have another box to use in a different quest.
    Of course you cannot get a box unless you spin the marvel machine, and they are untradable.

  6. Proton
    IGN: ixgenLx
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: Angelic Buster
    Guild: Influence
    Alliance: Prestige

    Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    Good luck everyone! This is going to stink for me! I only got one box and it seems like they're removing Marvel right now?

  7. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    Marvel does end today yes.

    The results don't seem too good with the chests by the way. Me and few alliance members used it you mostly get yellow from initial quest. I decided to just upgrade through NPC and got green belt, which is a lot better than what I had already.

  8. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    how many boxes you guy got so far? and what ur best belt or shoulder you had gotten? black? yellow ? red?

  9. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    I had 4 chests, got a green shoulder and the upgrade didn't do anything 3 times in a row, so I still have the green one.

  10. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    i tho upgrade can rank your belt or shoulder up or down? there nothing also? dam... i guess no one can get the black belt or shoulder unless they got like 50 boxes

  11. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    So i opened my first box, lo and behold

    Update, only had 3 chests used the other 2 to try and upgrade, but stayed at the same rank just like @mazz

  12. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    It seems likes its better to just open them instead of upgrading.

  13. Helium Atom Straight Female
    IGN: Cozmose
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Enthralling
    Alliance: Provocative

    Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    I had six boxes, opened all of them..

    /cries quietly

  14. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    Are the items fully tradable?

  15. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    i got a yellow belt and it stayed a yellow belt.

  16. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    Had a few boxes. Upgraded both belt and shoulder to green. Tried a few more upgrades but nothing happened. Second last box downgraded my belt to yellow, so I tried to upgrade it back to green with my last box. Nothing pineappleing happened. Now I'm stuck with a yellow belt and a green shoulder with no set stats.

  17. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    I didnt got that quest on my hayato :O
    How do i start it?

  18. Default Re: Tinkerer Chest

    Have a Tinkerer chest in your inventory, meaning you must have gotten one from a Marvel Machine spin.



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