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  1. Default Torn between Two Desktops

    My laptop's getting too old, my screen is dead, it''s transformer has blown out and it now blacks out now and then. It's time for a new computer, but this time, I want more use out of it.

    I've been getting more into computers, especially gaming, whether offline or MMO. However, my room is far from my modem, so I'm going for a wireless. I know a Desktop is more stronger than a laptop when it comes to that profession, and I've been looking around and found two comparable choices i want to make.

    1. Dell - Inspiron Desktop - 4GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive

    2. Lenovo - IdeaCentre Desktop - 4GB Memory - 320GB Hard Drive

    What would be a great choice for me?

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    The Dell seems to have better specs all around and is cheaper?

    Edit: but yeah you need to spend a little more if you want a computer that can actually play games from this decade. Have you considered building your own?

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    neither will get much far in gaming./

    the dell uses a pentium dual core i3 models slightly higher end just bordering the i3 models slightly higher end just bordering the i3 models

    the lenovo ideacentre is a thin computer for very slim computation and uses a celeron 887 which is closer to what people would call a barebones system. its similar to laptop hardware in specification.

    the dell is overall stronger, but both still lack in the field of packing a punch in graphics, something intel is lacking in and wont catch up until next gen upper tier cpus come out(even so is still behind AMD in IGPU purposes)

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    Default Re: Torn between Two Desktops

    What's your minimum budget at the moment?

    From what I see from your links, I'm assuming around... $350ish?

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    If you want a good rig, necer buy dell.
    They are NOTORIOUS for hardware failures

    I got my desktop from iBuyPower



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