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  1. Arrow Minor Changes Log

    This thread will serve as a public changelog of minor enhancements and tweaks that get done, to provide a visible and easy to find place for it without having to create an entire thread for something that's more informational than discussional.

    People interested in the subject can subscribe to the thread to be notified of those changes.
    Thread will be sticky for ease of finding and closed to keep the signal to noise ratio.

    You can and individual changes as they will all be in separate posts rather than edits to the main.

    If you feel something posted here needs community discussion you can create a thread for it in Site Suggestions & Discussion or use the Reply via PM/VM link on each post to talk about it.

  2. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    New ad slots have been enabled to try to test out alternative providers to prevent another google fiasco.
    See here for more info.

  3. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    The list at -

    Now shows when the various people were last on to make it easier to tell how active who is.

  4. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Updated the status page to reflect new IP restacking and add in evolving channels.

  5. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Facebook notifications should be working once again for new posts.

    *Note that due to changes in how facebook notifies about page announcements, if you want to subscribe to these notices you may have to "Like" the Southperry page and select "Get Notifications" if you want to be informed of these updates as they occur. This is true even if you've previously Liked the page.

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    Testing a new ad provider.
    This may result in Starving Chinchillas for more of you than usual while the new provider becomes accustomed to our demographic and load and tries to find appropriate content to serve. Think of it as calibrating and take don't the little guys personally if you're already white-listing us.

    This was aborted and reverted back to Google. Too many issues, too poor performance.
    Last edited by Eos; 2013-06-24 at 08:44 AM.

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    Users who are unregistered and/or not logged in no longer see signatures.

    This is mostly to avoid the jillions of stupid webcrawlers out there that erroneously index signatures as part of our content. I had rules in place in our previous webserver that could detect the majority of those and set a flag that accomplished the same thing but the new one can not replicate that well and frankly it saves us bandwidth and makes pages load faster to just suppress those from guests anyway.

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    Fixed glitch in "Q&A" where tenured users ( 1 year + ) couldn't close their own Q&A threads.

  9. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Added "Should I" forum to list of forums where users can close their own threads.

  10. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Officially closed DFO forum.

  11. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Added Mabinogi forum.

  12. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Added automatic Nexon announcements to the Mabinogi section.

  13. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Split other games into Misc MMO's and Other Nexon Games.

  14. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    The Mabi section got its own patch notifier.

  15. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Posts created by Notify actually trigger email alerts to people subscribed for email alerts to the thread being posted in, instead of being silently ignored.

  16. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Signatures are no longer visible in the Extractions section.

  17. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Added Dragon Nest announcements to the Dragon Nest forums.

  18. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Google Plus, +1 buttons added to posts.

    Minor tweak to it, it was stuck showing thread level only, now at post level.

    Minor tweak to stop the +1 from appearing in PMs and non-post elements. May adjust again later to make it appear on blog posts and comments.
    Last edited by Eos; 2013-12-06 at 08:20 AM.

  19. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Changed postbit_control_background from #e9e9e9 to #EEEEFD to get rid of annoying gray backgrounds on post control buttons.

  20. Default Re: Minor Changes Log

    Upgraded Tap-A-Talk.



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