Hello there fellow Southperry Members. Dizzy here on a search as directed by my Guild Leader: AdventTJ to recruit some new members for our proud own guild in Broa known as: LostBlades.

Who we are ? And what do we do as a guild?

-We are Lostblades of Broa. Known to be one of the longest running legit guilds in the server.
We're a friendly bunch of people who get along great with veterans and new comers alike. In which we provide a positive and a helpful environment to the people around us.

What are some of the goals you have for the guild?

-Our main goal is to try to have as many active members we possibly can since we're re-modeling the guild as of late due to old members rarely log in anymore as they're either lv 200 or gone off and quit maple. We want to re-shape it back to it's original form when we were once a huge guild.

-To provide the best possible help we can in order to maintain guild activity and acknowledgement among members and friends around us. While we won't give you 1b mesos for free. We will do quests and or boss runs to obtain a certain item.

Did I hear boss runs?! What about guild training?

-You sure did. We've always been fans of boss runs as we enjoy working together as a team in order to succeed.
-Feel like you're too weak to join? Please don't fool yourself. We're not judgmental about your range or what kind of equips you have. Everyone is welcomed to help.
-The same applies for training with other guildies.


-As long as you're a well mannered person and willing to get along with our members and the alliance we currently have. You're more then welcome to be apart of the team.
-Please no hacking of any kind is allowed in the guild. This includes abusing exploits, duping, hacking of any kind. and especially training with hackers. None of it is allowed. You will be kicked.

If you're interested in joining our guild please contact me here with your IGN and skype name if you want to be apart of our skype chat after joining. That or please contact AdventTJ. Once in you can also join our Guild FB where you can discuss/chat/post pictures/etc.

Thanks for reading.