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    I'll be back to watch this because it's 5 am right now and the last thing I need is glorious dreams of pulverizing entire cities like I used to do in Sim City.

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    ...It's a 54 second video making fun of how you can't do that in this game. You expected gameplay footge? No one's been able to play.

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    Give him a break it's 5am he probably didn't even look at the time.

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    Indeed, I didn't. I was of course only making an assumption but given that the other Two Saiyans video was 11 minutes long I expected this one to be at least half as long.

    Loving that 'Who the **** is EA I'm going to kill him' line. And then you realize that two Saiyans could easily eradicate the whole world if they got pissed and it suddenly seems more morbid.



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