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Thread: buff revamp

  1. Default buff revamp

    What if they made it so buffs didn't require a party. As in just boosted whoever is near the caster.

    This wouldn't change much, since the player providing the buffs would want to party for training anyway, but it'd be nice for say, wandering around giving buffs to nibs, something I enjoy doing in other games, but can't do because of our clunky party system.

    Maybe a toggle buff mode button in the beginner tab? AoE/Party.

  2. Default Re: buff revamp

    This would not work as you image. How many people would now have buff mules, like bishops, and refuse to add a real bishop to the party? While it may seem like a good idea, there are probably many ways people would exploit it. I would rather have a party buff range increase for more buffs (like making adv bless have the same range as HS?). Maybe change some of the buffs so they are party buffs?

  3. Default Re: buff revamp

    I think it'd be more likely to have buffs work for full expeditions rather than parties, but this would be pretty cool. Maybe not all buffs though, I think the hyper skill buffs (Epic Adventure? I think) should work like that, seeing as Echo does already.

    The toggle tab would be great. Granted I don't currently play a class that even has any useful party buffs (excluding MW obviously), but it'd certainly be useful.

  4. Default Re: buff revamp

    As someone who has a bishop mule specifically for skipping third job at aliens I know exactly what you mean, but honestly people are going to look at any new system and think "How can I use this to benefit ME?"

  5. Default Re: buff revamp

    I think it worked like this in wonderking. Always found it pretty nice. Would be a pretty cool addition

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: buff revamp

    Raid-wide buffs. That is all.

  7. Default Re: buff revamp

    It'd be awesome.

  8. Default Re: buff revamp

    I want most buffs to last longer on top of the raid buff system.

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    Default Re: buff revamp

    Speaking of expeditions and buffs, I'd like them to just make it so that expeditions and parties were one and the same. Just make it so people can make an expedition and then have up to 6 parties in the expedition. I really don't get why they have so many different types of expeditions when there is only like one boss in which the expedition doesn't get 6 parties (a boss that can be soloed by level 70 too).

  10. Default Re: buff revamp

    Because 30 people at empress would make it alot easier than having 18 people at max. Thats also why they are removing it all together with unlimited patch, so you can only bring 6 people in total in same boss group.

    And theres more than just one boss.

    Balrog: 6 people (yes doesnt really matter)
    Von Leon: 18 people
    Ark: 18 people
    Hilla: 6
    Cygnus: 18
    Last edited by Even; 2013-03-16 at 09:58 PM. Reason: adding list of exped's

  11. Default Re: buff revamp

    but its not like they cant have just 1 expedition and still have the cap on entrees per boss. I mean its not like bosses have a minimum # of members even if u use the correct expedition

  12. Default Re: buff revamp

    I'd say just make skills have 4 tiers of buffing.

    Minor stuff like haste (maybe hyper body, because it's like gifting happiness), everyone around. (like hero's echo, only just people in range)

    Useful stuff like rage, all expedition.
    Very useful stuff like heal, or smokescreen, party members.

    And Class related stuff, like lucky dice, self-buff.

    It could even have different borders in the skill mainframe and all to make it different. And even then, maybe make something to be able to upgrade tiers, like having some of the party only turn to expedition, or expedition to all. Makes sense to me. It could work as a new class mechanic.
    Of course, there'd have to be an expedition revamp, without expedition kinds, just a 30 man one, with capped number of people in it per boss. Just like PQs, those already detect if you don't meet level requirtements, or ammount of people, shouldn't require much effort.

  13. Default Re: buff revamp

    In addition to that, make them map-wide as well. Similar to how Echo USED to work long ago.

    The buffing system in Maple is long outdated and is just an annoyance now.

  14. Default Re: buff revamp

    I just don't see why the buff durations are so short.

    Many games have buffs that last 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and for more powerful buffs, at least around 3 minutes. Wouldn't this be solved with longer duration buffs? Before going into an expedition, simply buff all your buddies and you're set.

    I also agree that we need some "party free" buffs, such as the ability to Heal, Bless, Sharp Eyes, or Hyper Body random newbs passing by. In other games it's annoying to hear "Heal plz!111", but in MS pots are basically free, and yet anyone would appreciate a heal. Little things like that make the game fun. Also the game is more fun if you don't have to compltely stop your action to get on a rope and recast buffs *looks at Dual Blades, Buccs, and Phantoms*.

  15. Default Re: buff revamp

    I wish buffs don't expire when u die, it's very irratiting in places like root abyss, where I can get killed while I take forever to cast my buffs. (yes I know buff freezer solves this problem)

  16. Default Re: buff revamp

    I can live with them with their current durations at max level, even though I'd like them longer, but it just kills me that so many buffs have like a ~30 seconds duration at level 1 which make them almost useless to cast until they last longer.

  17. Flatpanel TV
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    Default Re: buff revamp

    to play devils advocate, if you increased buff duration, you just made demonslayer stronger. his Ignore damage reflect I believe is % based(10% i believe?) depending on duration of his buff. increasing that makes DS nearly immune to DR as his cooldown is 90 seconds.

  18. Default Re: buff revamp

    I think they're more concerned about the ones without cooldown that need to be recast every minute than the ones that actually have a reason to be short.

  19. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: HarbingerLey
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 203
    Job: Demon Slayer
    Guild: [L]ittleBusters
    Farm: Dominion

    Default Re: buff revamp

    wouldnt matter, Dark Meta lasts for 180 seconds, Booster is 200 and for example, Power Reflection is 180 seconds. Most buffs tend to last for 3 minutes without any type of addons. Dark Meta needs to be recasted as many times as Booster does almost. Dark Meta just has a side effect of being able to ignore DR for 10% of its duration ontop of its attack bonus and summoning orbs. Dark Meta is in the same treatement zone as any of the normal conventional buffs(conventional buffs generally being in the trio of A) Attack speed, B) Damage modifies(+m/atk/crits) C) mobility or side buffs like ammo. Dark meta falls into B and should be treated equally compared to the rest. Which buffs only last a minute that tend to be that short?

    so in essence, if all buffs were increased in duration, Dark Meta would be significantly stronger due to avoiding DR for a longer period of time. If all buffs duration were increased and Dark Meta's wasn't, then thats more or less on the basis of treating Demon Slayer unfairly compared to an entire buff rebalance as it would get nothing, and its timing with its Booster, Vampire and that defense move as well as vampiric aura(?) would be off sync in timing, as all of those skill have the same skill duration.

  20. Default Re: buff revamp

    Is it really needed to make haste, booster, or shadow partner last only 3 minutes?



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