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  1. Default [Module] GMS - The Boss Thread

    This thread is an update to the original Boss Thread that wasn't updated for a while.

    About This Thread

    • I will support both KMS(T) and GMS bosses.
    • There will be a different thread for KMS(T) and GMS bosses.
    • Certain "groups" of bosses will receive their own thread as well.
    • Only certain bosses will be supported. They will be listed below. If you wish for something to be added, please do so by PMing me or posting here.
    • There may be things listed as "Unknown" in this thread. This is not a bug. It's simply that there are some things about mobs that I don't know or understand. If you see a gap in knowledge which you can fill, please do so by PMing me or posting here. This will help everyone.
    • Some of these variables listed here are merely listed because they are present in the data and not because I understand them. They might be useful to someone if they can figure out what it means. The WZ files are always a journey.
    • When I update this thread, not all images will immediately work. Just give it time as I'm likely uploading them. If an animation or image is down for more than a day, please notify me.

    Supported Bosses

    Part I
    1. Zakum
    2. Chaos Zakum
    3. Horntail
    4. Chaos Horntail
    5. Pink Bean
    6. Chaos Pink Bean
    7. Cygnus

    Part II
    1. Normal Hilla
    2. Hard Hilla
    3. Normal Magnus
    4. Hard Magnus
    5. Von Leon
    6. Arkarium
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