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  1. Default Kaiser's Majesty does not bypass DR.

    Have any other kaisers encountered this? Twice now me and my girlfriend have both been killed because DR still activated and killed us both while I was attacking with majesty turned on. I don't have a screenshot because of my program being whacky, but I can attest to it being 100% true. What the hell causes this? It is annoying beyond belief.

    Please note, this only occurs SOMETIMES. Other times it bypasses DR just fine.

  2. Default Re: Kaiser's Majesty does not bypass DR.

    I haven't encountered a time where Majesty's ability to ignore DR fails but my buddy claimed that his glitched on him causing his death at Empress last night.

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    Default Re: Kaiser's Majesty does not bypass DR.

    It's due to the desync issues with Client <-> Server. Whenever @HeroDDC and I full Emp with friends, we always wait for the buff icon to "tick" before we start attacking Empress to fill the gauge up.
    We've had our fair share of Majesty triggering DR on us and wiping the group out.

  4. Default Re: Kaiser's Majesty does not bypass DR.

    When it happened to me last night I was already over half way through the buff's duration.... so I'm not sure if it's that.

  5. Default Re: Kaiser's Majesty does not bypass DR.

    Were you fighting Queen? Last patch I would randomly die on my kaiser with Majesty up while her blood shield is up (didnt have Inferno Breath fire up, or tornadoes). This patch though it seems to work fine.



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