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  1. Cash1 How to get more listeners to my music?

    I've been making electronic-kinda music for about 2 months, and I've really gotten the hang of my program of choice. I like to think I'm getting better, but since nobody really hears my songs I never get any tips or feedback.
    I dunno what to do to get more viewers, so Southperry was pretty much my first choice since it's a pretty cool place.

    I don't consider myself good enough to set up a Soundcloud yet lol, so I haven't bothered creating one. Would that get some listeners coming in?
    If you like my music, gimme a holler. It's always nice to see.

    Oh, another question: If there are any "composers" here, how do you go about the composition process? Do you find a melody and root down a bass line, or do you set up a beat and then work from there? Sometimes I get stuck with a massive creativity-block and need to think differently.

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    Advertise as much as possible.

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    I feel really bad about that...

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    Then you won't get listeners. You don't have to make it as intrusive as most ads, just making threads where appropriate might do too.

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    Pay someone to advertise your music or find a really huge community that is willing to listen to your music.
    I'd go with paying someone since it's their job essentially to get the music out there anyway.

    Edit: Also, what helps is if you can try playing at gigs with your music. I have a friend that became much more popular in his area by just playing at Hookah Bars, Bars, or any other place he could find. Granted, the money isn't the best in the world, but it did help him acquire new fans.

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    I don't plan on making much of a career out of it, I just do it as a hobby. I love making music, but it gets a little boring when I'm the only one who hears it :(
    All the software I use is free, the sounds are created by me for free, so I'd rather not have to start paying just to get viewers .

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    As an avid electronic music listener, here are some suggestions I'd like to make:

    1. Consider reading up on song structures, as the structure in this song is kind of weird. It seems to go chorus>transition>chorus>outro.

    2. You song needs more width, depth, and variety to keep the audience engaged, if you can understand what I mean. Throughout the song I only heard I think 3 similar sounding synths repeating the same few bars over and over. Things got boring really quickly. Listen to the electronic songs you like and try to dissect and examine them thoroughly as to why they sound good and incorporate it in your own songs

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    For me, what happened was that I put something I wrote into a maple video I made years and years ago, which somehow got over 100,000 views, and since then, whenever I DID make maple videos (which hasn't been forever), I stuck things that I wrote and played myself in them. Some people enjoyed it, and went to my blog to listen to other things that I've written, and that was that. I never really did any advertising other than posting the video on some maple forums to get feedback and other than that, I haven't done anything.

    It really depends what you consider to be "a lot of views". Something I just stuck up on youtube now has 2.6k views after 3 years without ever telling anyone about it. They just came from people who watched my maple videos 7-8 years ago (somehow) I think...I really have no idea. I sometimes wonder what would've happened if I actually did something with it, instead of just making those 6 videos (most of the views came from 3 videos) and stopping there. Oh well.

    My opinion though? Good music speaks for itself. In a society where people want to share everything, when you make something that people love, they'll share it naturally. "Hey, I stumbled across this awesome song. Lemme show you" "Woah, its so cool! Im gonna show my friends too, because I think they'd like it!" Naturally, you have to find the start, and there is an element of luck to it, but I've always believed that instead of worrying about an audience, worry about the quality of your work (not to say that what you have is bad. I don't listen to electronic music much, so I wouldnt be able to judge). A very idealistic view of it, I know. However, that's just my thoughts on the matter. Good luck!



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