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  1. Cash3 Don't Starve: It's a game-thing

    Anybody here know about it or play it?

    It's a survival rogue-like essentially with a nice hand-drawn art style. Here's a video of the game's latest update:

    The website:

    If you purchase before official launch you get it for 20% off plus a free copy to give to another human being, or your cat!

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    Yep, I own it. I think it's a fantastic game. It's visual style is so distinct and fun to watch and be a part of. It also does not hold your hand in the least bit, you are literally thrown into the wild and it's up to you to survive. I only got the game a few days ago, so my highest record is only 8 days, which is a bit embarrassing, although I guess that isn't entirely fair to say (I got pineappleed over by being unlucky enough to have 2 Treeguards spawn on me at the very beginning of your set-up period, I stood no chance). My friend's record is 28 days, so once I start it up again, that's what I'm aiming to beat.

    As of now, as Steam says, it's only in Beta, so there's still a lot coming and being refined. At this point it's almost seemed like they've added a big update every week or two and they plan to support the game with major updates for up to 6 months upon it's official release. I'm really hoping they add more incentives to last longer (currently the only reason to survive as long as possible is because it gets you "EXP" and the "EXP" unlocks new characters, which aren't just different character models--they also have their own unique pros and cons), something bigger to work towards. Also, I hope they add achievements, cause I'm a bit of an achievement/trophy-whore.

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    Preordering also gets you the Ham Shank melee weapon for Team Fortress 2. (It's a shank of ham)

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    I may buy it, but i don't have anyone to give that extra copy (All my RL friends are tools when it comes to games). If anyone want to trade for a equally priced game or 5-10$ steam bucks do tell.

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    When I first started (During the Winter Update) I think I died after a few days, then I started fighting to get past Days 15~17. After that I was able to dominate and got to 70+ before using the Wooden Thing. Rain Update made the game a lot harder I feel and so far I'm struggling to make it to winter again.

    I think the only thing I'd say I'd like to see improved is the combat system. I'd like to see mods in the future adding new weapons to spice things up if anything else. Also, apparently the devs are planning to have each character able to use a special skill to help differentiate them from one another, so that should be interesting as well.

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    I'm sure you know I play it given that I got it from you, but so far it's been pretty okay and not too hard! My record was only nine days I think, made the mistake of trying to kill a hound when I didn't have much HP left. ;_; I've been playing more lately since I only recently found out it even had unlockable characters.

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    I think there's a hat as well.

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    My RL friend gave me a beta code to the game a couple months ago. Still haven't touched it lol.

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    I'm definitely down for that kind of deal, if it's still available. In the same boat as you.

    I don't really have many games in my Inventory that I could gift you, but you're free to view it here:
    If you want something else that's around $5-8, though, let me know and I can get it for a trade.

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    Daaaang, this update broke everybody apparently. Devs chimed in:

    Scattered loot should give more incentive to travel around more often. It's also nice to see more clothing options that won't require beefalo and more healing options that won't require honey -- though at the moment you can just kill butterflies and eat their wings for like 20hp trollolololo.

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    Was doing...decently, for someone who just started...until I got hungry and ate a Red Cap. Instant death.

    Made me sad.

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    Latest trailer for the next update:



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