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Thread: [Bera] B> Thief Tyrants

  1. Default B> Thief Tyrants

    Can be any Tyrant equip potted or unpotted (belt, shoe, or cape). Paying very well~ Just name your price :)

    Whisper in-game (CafeMusic or MovieEnding) or comment/PM.

    If neither of my characters are on, additional IGN's that can be contacted on my behalf are:
    • xinphinite
    • Luyate
    • EroticViet
    • Faimari

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: B> Thief Tyrants

    @TroiSky; is selling.

  3. Default Re: B> Thief Tyrants

    No longer need Thief Shoes.

    Now looking for Thief Belt, Thief Cape, Warrior Cape, and Warrior Belt. Paying well :)

    Edit: No longer looking for any Tyrants. Maybe next time, thanks~
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