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Thread: NEW POPE@@

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    Default Re: NEW POPE@@

    Aw man, no antimatter bomb detonations or Illuminati?

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    Well, that explains why I suddenly had flashbacks to the times when I read about St.Franciss. I'd hope this guy is as nice.

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    Latin Pope. I'm impressed.

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    I tried, but apparently the eyeball trick is a lot harder than what the movie led me to believe.

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    While I don't agree on his views of same-sex marriage, he sounds like a smart man who knows what he is talking about and knows about respect.

    Still, the idea of organized religion and religious leaders still bug me.

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    First pope to be named Francis.

    First pope from the "New World."

    This is gonna be interesting, but somehow I have doubt that with his age... will he last long? :/

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    Congrats @sicnarf;.


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    Isnt francis an underling of the black mage


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    Quite a few firsts with the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to pope (now Pope Francis I):

    - First Latin American/non-European cardinal to be elected to pope
    - First Jesuit to be elected to Pope
    - First pope to take the name "Francis" (symbolizes poverty, humility). This pretty much shatters precedent, because one of the prominent religious figures in Roman Catholicism was St. Francis of Assisi, and thus having a pope choose a name derived from a prominent religious figure was unthinkable (until today's election).

    Don't expect anything "radical" with this new pope (like always). From what it looks like, his views mostly correlate with the "standard" Catholic teachings and values. (Also, he's 76 years old. Must I say more?) However, he does allow a bit of leeway (for example, teaching the importance of respecting individuals who are gay or lesbian)

    Also, the election of Francis I wasn't a surprise. Some reports have said that he came in 2nd in balloting in the last conclave back in 2005, but he did the "good guy" deed and persuaded cardinals to break the gridlock by voting for now-retired Pope Benedict (who was the front runner back then). Even though media reports have said that this conclave would feature a "wide-open election" with "no clear front runners", I think that now-Pope Francis I's positive deed during the last conclave was probably one of the significant factors that got him elected to be the next pope.

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    Is he secretly a dalek

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    More likely Vatican City will now be like Edelstein.

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    He may have been warned about them.

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    most likely not....if you know what i mean XD
    on topic: can someone elaborate why people make such a big deal out of the popes and such? i dont follow the news about what change they've made and such

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    Stairs in their natural habitat, praying on older people as they slip and are left unconscious as they feast on their corpse.

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    Oppressed under a totalitarian state?

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    Francis is a Genius Puppeteer!

    (couldn't resist)

    Congrats to the newest CEO! It should be interesting.

    The Catholic church will take a long long time to be progressive about gay marriage. If ever. Still, a respectful Pope would be nice.



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