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  1. Default Temple of Time/level 151+ Ergoth locations.

    I've been trying to scout out an area that isn't Road of Regrets 2 and thus far I've only pinpointed Road of Oblivion 4 as another spawn location if the people there are anything to go by.

    My question is if anyone knows other areas to find them that's level 151+. Thanks for your help, as always.

  2. Default Re: Temple of Time/level 151+ Ergoth locations.

    The only other areas I could think of are the mutant areas in KSH and maybe the last part of leafre. I believe I've found level 150 love pandas at skeles, I'm not sure about Ergoth since it has been ages since EMS has had that event.
    I don't really know about ToT since I never went there (The quests were too extensive) since I was like 135 or something.



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