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Thread: [In Progress] Hayato Gachapon Update

  1. Default Hayato Gachapon Update

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    the name of these katanas is just sick

    "Timeless Great Sword of Creation"

    bow down peasants

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    I was going to come in here to question the purpose of updating with a number of useless items each time a class is released and then I noticed that the Empress katana has the same base ATT as the Empress cane.


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    Wow, "Timeless Great Sword of Creation". That's a sick ass name. I love hayato already.

  5. Default Hayato Gachapon Update

    idgaf about what the best use of Sengoku coins is, I am making one of these fu'ckers

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    Indeed, i'm tempted to make one of those swords and I don't even think i'm going to level my Hayato past 100 :P

    Would be nice to have if I ever did decide too though..

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    Anvils! :P



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