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    Default Pointless videos

    Post the most pointless, useless and stupid youtube video you can find.

    It's a guy basically saying "I just stayed up until midnight to buy Black Ops 2 and got it before you did, haha, i'm going to go home and sleep now". Also something about passing out from the epicness. right, this is Black Ops 2, which is a game with about the same creativity as 2 slightly different coloured sponges.

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    Default Re: Pointless videos

    It's labeled "Occupy Walmart" by my Fundementals of Video teacher.

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    Default Re: Pointless videos

    I just had to

  5. Default Re: Pointless videos

    Off-topic part: You say CoD is basically the same thing every year, which I do agree on, but Pokemon is too (not counting the stadium and other spinoff games)

    On topic part:

    Or any Pewdiepie video.



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