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Thread: Cube Inquiry!

  1. Default Cube Inquiry!

    GMS currently has a cube sale going on,

    Me and my friend were debating on which cubes would be best on effectively getting from Epic to a higher tier with hope of a good stat.

    We both concluded with somewhat different methods, my question is what would be the most effective method to cube Epic gear with approximately 145k nx( I wish ) utilizing the current cube sale?

    All feedback is appreciated..

  2. Default Cube Inquiry!

    Cube+scissor packs are stupid.

    Pot locks are worth it imo if you're fine with unique.

  3. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    I'd normally advise SMCs but Enlightening doesn't seem too bad either. Stick with the SMC one and wait? I'm sure there's going to be a Miracle Time.

    Edit: What Takebacker said works too unless you were going for something that's Legend-tier specific and you needed to cut something.

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    Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    From what I've heard, Supers are the best if you want to get to legendary the fastest, and enlightening are the best if you want the best legendary stats.

  5. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    This was a main point in the argument regarding the cubes. My friend brought up the fact that unique would work well with the Pot locks, which are definitely worth it.

    We both created new characters in Bello and mustered what funding we could and achieved a full set of empress.. We are not directly aiming for Legendary at this point in the ball game, so unique is a very good option we both could agree on.


    We have heard rumors of a Miracle Time that could possibly occur sometime this month, possibly after the sale is over..
    I did look over your thread, and we were also contemplating on whether to wait to use the cubes till a Miracle Time comes or just wing it.

  6. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    Aside from the 90% off sale, there's never been a cube sale that was worth ranking up items with. Wait for Miracle Time to do epic->unique(->legendary).

    Pot lock is great for when you're cubing for stats though. Of the sale items, I'd go for SMCs if the item is legendary, regular cubes + pot locks for unique & lower.

    You'll spend less to get 15% at unique with pot locks than to get it at legendary, pretty much guaranteed - when you get a main stat line, lock it and wait for a second (that is, either 9% unique or 6% secondary lines, lock it). 12%, I suspect is marginally easier to get on a legendary item, since it's a single line instead of 9%+3% or 6%+6%. But it's by no means difficult to get; if your item already has a primary stat line, 1 pack of pot locks is likely to give you a second usable line.

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    Psst, add the ; (@Impulse;) next time if you want to mention. Since you mentioned that your items are still of an epic tier I would opt for Miracle Time if your cubes last for longer than a week and using the remaining cubes to touch up any items that don't make the cut.

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    Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    It's all subjective...

    In theory chance to rank up goes: enlightening > super > reg but since each "better" one is more expensive... who knows what the best theoretical rate is?

    From personal experience, I like supers. I haven't noticed any particularly higher chance to rank up with enlightening or particularly better stats when using them. Pot locks are very nice if you only want unique, but I always use supers on the off chance they go legendary. The only two equips I made legendary happened by accident while I was using supers to try and get better stats.

    Meanwhile I tried for Legendary on my bow with 99 supers and never got there...

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    Potential Locks are very good if you're limited to a certain amount of NX. Use Cubes to get a 9% line and then lock it until you get a desired second line.
    If you need to rank up, wait for a Miracle Time and use Super Miracle Cubes and then wait until a different sale to Cube for desired stats.

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    I don't think anyone has enough data on this to know which one is better (more cost effective) for ranking up.

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    Did you use cubes on the now all at once or take breaks in between? I don't know if there's any basis to this but I cubed my rings and belt like a maniac once I revealed a green ring and got all three items to legendary within 25 cubes outside of Miracle Time; in my experience I find that setting a threshold to stop and return when you're not getting any good results tends to work well.

    I'll hopefully be providing some more insight on this when we get our first Miracle Time, though our Enlightening Cube prices are obviously not worth it at all.

  12. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    ahh, fail!! Thank you!

    The sale cubes say they have a duration of 30 days except the Premium pack. We will most likely wait for the possibility of a Miracle Time and go for it.

    Thank You all for the tips, they are very helpful...

    Any tips for a Adventurer Hero?

    The road is very rigorous.

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    I'd definitely wait for the Miracle Time then, my instinct tells me there will be one next week at the latest.

    As for tips I don't think I'm the right person to ask because my class looks at yours and thinks "25% damage, 30 ATT and Magic Crash in one, what a lucky day !". Warriors were never my strong suit in Maple and I doubt even Kaiser would change that.

  14. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    Heh, ACA is +100% damage, will be 120% with Hypers.

    Magic Crash timing is the main thing you learn as a Hero, they don't have many other avoidance abilities, just jump out of the way if you can see attacks coming.

  15. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    I still need my friend for guidance as I rarely fought bosses and used Crash, heh. Also, 100% damage means nothing if I don't have the mindset for the class else I'd be gearing up for Kaiser.

  16. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    Yeah, I am experienced with Magic Crash, just a question though, I know that after 155+ the class is better, but in terms of damage how much of a range is required to constantly hit lines of 300k on raging blow? That is my somewhat ultimate goal.. My last class I played was Aran so I am still changing over from that easily obtainable damage.

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    Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    With or without Enrage? On bosses or regular mobs? If bosses, how many % boss damage do you have? What's your ignore def and what's the mobs' PDRate?

    If you're talking regular mobs and no Enrage, I estimate about 60-65k top unbuffed range to hit 300k's sometimes, and about 85k to consistently hit above 300k.

  18. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    Sounds right, my range is 65k and I'm almost entirely hitting 200-300ks on normal mobs (about 700-900k non-crits with Enrage, Chance Attack, boss target = 59% boss)

    If you just want that to be the best circumstances damage it'd be 1/3 as much range obviously.

  19. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!


    My goal is to hit basically 200-300ks on mob w/o Enrage, so conclusion is 60-65k range.

    Currently, I am only 141 with a full set of Empress that is decently() self scrolled.

    I have an approximately 19.5krange clean at the moment with max ACA and RB. I need to cube and that will be done soon enough and perfect my weapon.. I suppose after I hit 165+ I will proceed with Weapon perfection.

    What would be the approximate total watt and %str needed for a range of that sort, from my research I have not been able to find something up to date and correct..?

    My main concern is just Bossing in terms of a Long Term goal, but for now I can Azwan and hope for the IA, hope for DS to return, complete the Leafre Set, and eventually cube the perfected weapon..

    Miracle Time is confirmed() for 3/23/13 , 2:00-4:00 PM PST..

    If you look in your event tab and scroll to the bottom it shows it.

    Miracle Cube package lasts for only 7 days, so we'll be purchasing them Sunday, also the new CS discount coupon is very useful! Buy the package in bulk and apply the coupon.. I shall report my results.

  20. Default Re: Cube Inquiry!

    I can't speak for the exact balance everyone has but I have around 110%str and something like 370 atk (including rage, afa, etc.). Also level 164 though, so if you aim to have the range at a higher level you don't need as much.



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