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  1. Default Xenon or Kaiser?

    Playing my bishop for now and making mesos but once these classes are available for creation, which should i make? I don't care which one is stronger than the other and i don't care how expensive they will be. I'm lookig for what class would be more fun in your opinion?

    I love Xenon's blade waltz but I also love Kaiser's giga slash and i think they look cool too.

  2. Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    I hope you realize it's a bit silly asking us for what class is fun in our opinion if you're the one that's going to play the class. That aside, I'd likely choose Xenon as it has a large variety of skills and flying's cool, right?

  3. Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    Xenon won't be out anytime soon and personally I find Kaiser boring seeing as every kaiser I see past fourth job spam Giga slash. Personally I wouldn't bother with either or seeing as Xenon seems kind of hard to fund and Kaiser is repetitive.

  4. Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    Kaiser is the best class in the game, period.

    I hope this helped

  5. Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    You'll probably be making them both when they get released. Your question is pointless.

  6. Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    I'd just wait for Xenon. Kaiser does some really amazing damage and is great in places like LHC, but you said that didn't interest you, so..

  7. Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    The only problem with Kaiser is that his transform is so incredibly ugly. Otherwise it is a pretty cool class.

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    Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    I personally don't find it ugly..
    Though I don't think ugly can describe it anyway. :|

  9. Default Re: Xenon or Kaiser?

    Kaiser seems really boring ._. Of the two I'd pick Xenon, he can fly, a lot of variety in skills, ridiculously overpowered, double Flash Jump...



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