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    Does the modern school education curricula contain any intrinsic value? And if so, what are they.

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    Many would say that knowledge is an intrinsic value. Certainly it can have instrumental values, but that is irrelevant to the fact that many people seem to seek knowledge just for knowledge itself. Does modern school curricula provide knowledge? Hard to dispute.
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    At what level? I assume you mean university.

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    Education teaches facts.
    It also teaches the hidden curriculum. how to be punctual, how to be social, how to respect authority, how to live in society once you are an adult basically.

    So yes, of course it has intrinsic value. If I had never gone to school and had only been home schooled I never would have made friends, I would have grown up sheltered and would have been unprepared for the real world.

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    To a certain degree, and certainly only to some. I know several people who have missed out on those lessons.

    And to very roughly quote an old, meddling headmaster, "the value of Hogwarts doesn't come entirely from the lessons taught in classrooms, but also in the lessons we teach ourselves." (Mind you, that may be a quote from and fanfiction Dumbledore, but it still applies.)

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    I don't seem to grasp how those are intrinsic values if they serve to elevate other values (punctuality, respect, responsibility, etc). I'm not certain how nuanced Swerve wants to get here, but by any definition, however superficial, "instrinsic" has an element of internality, self-containedness to speak. So the question can be more accessibly stated as: If the thing(s) that education is good for is/are no longer desirable (skills for employment, skills for life, facts, sociability, etc), are there still any values to education (modern education in particular, even though I don't quite see the distinction)?

    A philosophical definition of the term "intrinsic value" refers to the Kantian idea of "an end in itself". An end is in itself when you respond "Just because." when someone asks you "Why?"/"For what purpose?" Considering that this was posted in Speakeasy, I don't think this kind of conversation is warranted, however. I'm just throwing it out there.

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    I see. I guess I didn't understand the question. Considering that the question is just a vague one line with multiple interpretations though, I suppose it's warranted.

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    What do you mean with modern school education curricula?
    The whole curricula thing confuses me. Curricula, as I understand it, is plan. How can a plan have intrinsic values?
    The plan's goal, knowledge acquisition, does have intrinsic value but it still confuses me.
    What about some context? What do you mean with modern? Where?

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    I think you're taking it way too deep.
    Very very few things have "intrinsic value" the way you define it - grand things like "life" or vague concepts like "happiness", maybe.
    Just about everything else only has "utilitarian value" in that it contributes to those.

    I take this to be merely Swerve's periodic "college is a waste of time and money" topic.

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    I was surprised to see an entire youtube subgroup who preaches that. Although the examples are terrible because it's like "I GOT A 4 YEAR DEGREE IN LIBERAL ARTS, I NOW WORK FOR A STRIP CLUB"

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    Arguable. William Frankena compiled a list of things he considered to possess intrinsic values, to qoute SEP:

    Even though I myself am not very fluent on the distinctions among them (how they are qualitatively different), it is at least not unreasonable to propose knowledge as an intrinsic value of education of any level/kind. But yes, although I do feel that this is one of those periodic rants, I nevertheless thought it couldn't hurt to bring something up for a change of flavor.

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    College isn't a waste of time or money.

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    That's one of my biggest gripes with friends I have who are in college and are talking about life post graduation and how they can't find any jobs that relate to their field. It's like, no pomegranate, Sherlock. Did you really expect to find a job paying 250k/yr. when you majored in sculpting? Practicality is sorely lacking in most college students who think they're gonna make bank while pursuing degrees in art.

    Makes me want to pull my hair out.

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    Yeah, it just bothers me when people just want to do "WHAT I WAS BORN TO DO", in today's world, it's what you can do to benefit society, what you were born to do is a hobby, you can make money on it, but not a living, because people don't have the expendable income to support it. You'd think someone getting a college education would see this as common sense :\

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    Is this solely a problem with liberal arts majors in your opinion? Do you think that STEM majors are not affected? (Math, Technology, Science, Engineering).

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    Science/math is really dependent on the career. I don't think math by itself isn't a very good career choice, but it opens a LOT of doors to other professions, but it's too theoretical to be anything than a professor. Tech/Engineering are ridiculously easy job markets.

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    I would say that the lack of jobs is more severe in the liberal arts, given that in the sciences there are also industries like biotech or pharma you could work for.
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    It is startling to see the immense rise in staffing companies with respect to laboratory technician jobs. I was watching Cramer's Man Money segment show and he was talking about how such companies were strong investments now as they were continually on the rise. However, most of these staffing companies only provide temporary contracting positions for a short period of time for staffing. I don't know how I feel about this type of business model, especially if it becomes a dominant business model. I'd like to think of sciences as skill acquisition type studies where the older one gets, the better they get due to accumulated knowledge. However the fact that there would be this perm-floater status across different companies makes job pay and stability seem like volatile factors in a changing market. I mean you are always self-marketing when it comes to the job market, but the growth of staffing companies just irks me.



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