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  1. Default Remaking Maple

    So lets say I was given the chance to change everything in MapleStory but the storyline.

    First lets start with the foundations.

    1. Classes
    2. Skills
    3. How Equipment will Work
    4. Monster Changes
    5. Boss Changes
    6. Area Changes
    7. Endgame

    1. Classes

    • So I would change all classes to do as they were created to do, for example:

    Warriors: Warriors were made to have some HP to tank and spank enemies, and were supposed to have strong, one hit attacks or weak multi-hit attacks. Their skills are really strong, but require a lot of their already minimal mana pool. There are, of course, the three sub-classes to Warriors
    • Fighters/Crusaders/Heros: Fighters are just like Warriors from first job except they excel in One or Two-handed swordplay. Fighters won't be very tanky, but won't be weaker either. They're pretty even, so in the end their mana pool will obtain equilibrium with their health. They would then go on to become Crusaders, then Heros. When they get to Crusader status they obtain some non-elemental attacks that will help them excel, although single target, can help them defeat the enemy with only one single striking blow, yet this ability will cost a majority of their mana and can only be used on one single enemy. When they get to become Heros they start using quicker attacks. They will begin to do fast attacks on one enemy. This is meant to be the DPS attack of the character, and through extra training their Hyper Abilities gained through a quest will allow them to hit more than one enemy with their dps ability. This would be limited to two.
    • Spearmen/Dragon Knight/Dark Knight: Spearmen have amazing length with their spears and are obviously made to attack the enemy at a range, and can do this very quickly. When I think of a Spearman I think of multiple-hard hitting attacks, and pinpoint abilities. With supportive buffs to the party, Spearman being the supports of the warrior class, can help their party take down the enemy. When they obtain Dragon Knight status they begin to have a multi-hit attack that can range from really weak to really strong, it has really unbalanced damage, because if you swing or thrust a spear wildly you aren't exactly accurate with your hits either. Though when you obtain Dark Knights, you literally become a Dark Knight. Your abilities will all change to a darker color, a dark aura will appear, and you will be a crazy knight so to speak. Your attacks will have a very unreliable range, ranging from really weak strikes, to really strong critical strikes. Dark Knights are supposed to be a supportive wild card and will do so, yet can spank an enemy. You also obtain a sort of Defense Crash that will lower the enemies Defense by 33% To help the party attack. This has a long cool down[3 minutes], and is also for thirty [30] seconds.
    • Page/White Knight/ Paladin: The Tanks that Spank. Pages are going to be a devot to very, very, very high HP, and very, very, very high Defense. As a page, you will obtain two skills: Fear and Enrage. Fear will make the enemies de-aggro from any of your allied players and will stop attacking for five seconds. And Enrage will make the enemy gain 9999+ Aggro points upon you, making you the focus and all of the enemies abilities will be focused on you. When you become a White Knight, you obtain your High Defense skills, another HP improvement passive, Enrage passive increases, and Single Hit Elemental abilities (Fire, Ice, and Lightning). You become a Tank that Spanks basically. When you obtain Paladin you obtain Holy and Dark elements for your skills, you obtain Magic Crash that will stop an enemy from doing any sort of abilities for thirty [30] seconds with an equally long cool down as Defense Crash. This class will also have a very abysmal Mana Pool, so mana can be gained through a passive that allows you to gain mana on being hit by an enemy. And your HP is converted to Mana through an ability as well. (To clear this up, For every 10,000 HP you have, you will have 100 Mana). Your Aggro skills will gain another passive, and you will gain a global shield that will shield the party. It will be a double edged sword as you will in turn recieve 1/2 the pain they would have in the fight with the buff on.
    • Dawn Warrior: Okay no one liked Mihile, but lets say we give Dawn Warrior a laser just cause he's a Magic Knight kind of guy right? And honestly, lets make this class 200 too just because 120 is stupid now-a-day. Make him have holy stuff make him look like a warrior of light ect. Then like at lv 150 or something give him the ability to choose the dream path (The one of Corrupted Empress) or the true path (Where Empress evolved and became the Good Empress vs. the Fake dream) just for fun because hey, quest lines can be interesting. Give him the shield that Mihile has, but let him become a student of Mihile when he hits 30 so he can join the ranks of the knights. Basically a Dawn Warrior, though joins by going to Ereve instead of going back to Dances with Balrog.





    2. Skill changes











    Angelic Buster:

    Dual Blade:




    [I like how Kanna and Hayato are so they can remain unless asshurt is too strong with you all.]

    3. Equipment Changes
    The current scheme around equipment is pretty bad. Basically any gear is obtained through Shops, Events, Monsters, Boss Loot, and Gachapon. This is fine, this is how a game is meant to give gear out, but how it isn't supposed to work is by how things are now. Here are the steps I would take to fix equipment.
    1. Remove Nebulites, I think it was a stupid idea in the first place.
    2. Alter the idea of cubes, you should be able to change the potential of an item with a risk, much like you do with items. Though cubes can be used, it cannot increase your potential tier or potential tier. Just the lines of the item. And when the item reaches Legendary, the # of cubes will be limited to 20.
    3. Potentials need to be harder to obtain, and chance of getting them pre-potted should be much more difficult to do.
    4. Potentials should be actually worse for items of a lower level.

    -more to come later, going to go lye down for a while-
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