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    Default Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    College Student invents gel that halts bleeding

    Soon enough we'll all live in the universe of

  2. Default Re: Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    I feel like something like this is too good to be true, and will have some nasty side after effects or something. But if not and our science is just that amazing now, then this is awesome.

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    Default Re: Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    inb4 blood will nonstop clot, even inside your body

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    Default Re: Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    this is some trauma center stuff.

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    Default Re: Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    I like this, i like this a lot. If there's proven to be no threatening side effects, this could save lives. ESPECIALLY on the battlefield.... heck... even if it saves limbs that would be a blessing in itself.


  6. Default Re: Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    Another student being used as a puppet by professors for grant/research money?

    Also that was pretty pomegranatety writing, but maybe it's because I take everything regarding medicine really critically.

  7. Default Re: Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    Not going to save you from internal bleeding if you can't get it inside you.
    Not going to heal deep traumatic injury when you simply cover the surface.
    Not going to be easy to reconnect blood vessels if you simply patch up the deep cut with this ECM gel - surgeons won't like you.

    For most other intents and purposes, fine.


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    Default Re: Veti-Gel (Medi-Gel)

    One step closer to video-game like medpacks.



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