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    So I was browsing randomly a few days ago when I came upon Brutal DooM, a fairly recent gameplay mod for the original DooM games (that is still being updated). It essentially redoes almost everything about the game gameplay wise to make it both more graphic and more modern, in a good sense. The environments are far more interactive, the enemies are far more difficult, smart, and less predictable, the weapons are more deadly and balanced, and the game as a whole is insanely fun, moreso than it ever was before.

    I don't know how many people play and enjoy the old school DooM, but I thought it would be cool to let anyone who does know about this mod, because it truly makes the game a WHOLE lot better, and more playable. The original DooM was and still is fun, but it certainly has its limitations based on the fact that it's 20 years old. This mod takes all of the things you wish DooM had now, and makes them real. The only exception is jumping...which while it is possible because of fan engines, I don't recommend because of how the levels were designed. Some levels taunt you with the exit immediately in sight, which you could get to if you could jump, but since you couldn't originally it was essentially making fun of you.

    NOTE: The mod makes the game as graphic as you can get with cardboard sprites and pixel blood, so be aware of that. Also there's some foul language in the videos (and available to you with taunting in the mod, interestingly enough). Honestly, I find it more amusing than disturbing, but well...I'm me, so yeah. Just be ready for it, is all.

    Core Changes From the Mod

    The best part about this mod is that it's compatible with the original 4 doom level packs (DooM, DooM II, TNT, and Plutonia), as well as just about any megawad you can find. Recently, I've been playing player created Plutonia 2 with no issues from Brutal DooM itself (PL2 has some saving issues sometimes, not Brutal Doom's fault).

    So how do you play it?
    Well, first, you need the original DooM WAD files. You can get them off of Steam if you want to buy the games, or you can find your own way, the games are 20 years old. I hear that the BFG edition of DooM 3 does not work, as you don't get access to the actual WAD files for the original DooM games, so you won't be able to run them with the proper engines that are required.

    After you have that, you need to download and install one of the DooM fan engines. I personally have been using Zandronum, which is built for online as well (Which BD supports). Apparently, Brutal Doom is only compatible with ZDoom, GZDoom, Skulltag, and Zandronum. I usually use Doomsday but it didn't work, so I had to switch myself. All you have to do is when starting a game from the engine launch, you need to specify the Brutal Doom wad file as one of the packs to use in addition to the regular Doom WAD. How you do this depends on which engine you decide to use.

    Once you do that you can set your various gameplay settings (In game or in the engine launch), and enjoy.

    It's really quite fun, I've been having a blast. It really makes replaying the original four DooM games feel like a new experience, and honestly I don't even mind the graphics at all.

    If you like DooM, I highly recommend Brutal DooM.

    You can download the mod itself here:

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    Heh... My friend got me to play this a lot with him a year or two back. It's a lot of fun.

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    I'm super addicted to Brutal Doom, even the new patch. It's even better with the real gore patch.

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    It really brings DooM to a whole new level of fun.

    What engine do you use? Zandronum seems to have an issue with larger levels, apparently the load buffer overloads and the game crashes on a bunch of the PL2 levels (especially the ones with a billion monsters). Plus I can't get Crosshairs to turn on, even though they're enabled and the settings are all properly configured.

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    I have Zandronum. I lost Skulltag some time ago. I missed playing with more than one mod. I really need a gamepad.

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    Can you only play with one mod at a time on Skulltag, or do you mean on Zandronum?

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    No, you can play as many mods as you want at any given time on Skulltag.

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    I saw this mod before. I just need some free time to go through everything on Ultra Violence mode. Definitely seems loads of fun, even moreso than the original Doom.

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    The new patch added all new difficulties.



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