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  1. Helium Atom Gay Male
    IGN: CoveralAran
    Server: Bera
    Level: 181
    Job: Zero
    Guild: Smite
    Alliance: LevelUP
    Farm: King's Landing

    Default March Update Preview

    All of this is coming on March 21st:
    - A whole new Monster Carnival!
    - New Monster Park
    - World Merge
    - Season 1 of Job Balancing
    - Party Quest Revamp
    - March Events
    - New Resolution (1366 x 768)
    - Maple User Survey? (coming this Monday)

  2. Default Re: March Update Preview

    Remove the damned buff duration penalty and 30 second cooldown for Phantoms and I'll consider paying a bit more to you, Nexon.

    Edit: Wait, did they just say they're coming up with the exact resolution that my laptop has? I think I hate them slightly less now.

  3. Default Re: March Update Preview

    The new resolution is what intrigues me most. Really that they need to do is have the option to frame the display on any resolution or at least have its own scaling options. Playing this game on any non-DVI monitor means extreme stretching in full-screen. I prefer playing on an HDTV and would like to have the stretch minimized. 1366x768 means a natively widescreen option and thus it can be stretched on widescreen HDTVs without distortion. DO WANT IN GMS NAO!!!

    (Well, there will be SOME distortion... 1366x768 is not a perfect 16:9. It will still be MUCH better.)

  4. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
    IGN: Helsinki
    Server: MYBCKN
    Level: 220
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Friends
    Alliance: Unbreakable

    Default Re: March Update Preview

    Heroes Revamp?

    If you don't improve Arans survivability, I'll hunt you down Nexon.

  5. Default Re: March Update Preview

    I'll join you if they do nothing about that buff duration and skill change penalty. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the one nerf you don't put on a buff and multi-skill reliant class is to keep them basically rooted on the ground casting everything while switching to the wrong skill beforehand could mean death.

  6. Default Re: March Update Preview

    What about the st of the Cygnus knights.... Was hoping to see oz changes.
    Anyways , I hope they balance adventurers so that they are somewhat on par with the overhaul of all the other classes.

  7. Default Re: March Update Preview

    'Season 1'
    Omg there is more

  8. Default Re: March Update Preview

    This explains why they were so quiet. Hopefully adventurers get the buff they have needed for months.

  9. Default Re: March Update Preview


    Make us, you know, faster than at least half of the warriors. (Kaiser, both demon avengers, and dawn warriors will have better mobility than us, adventurer warriors, close, and Arans... welp, I kinda feel sorry for them)

  10. Default Re: March Update Preview

    Neat. Wonder how overpowered this round of 'balances' will be.

    inb4 3 new classes at some point during this update

  11. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
    IGN: VerrKol
    Server: Zenith
    Level: 204
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: LegacyReborn
    Farm: Kolville

    Default Re: March Update Preview

    For the first time, I'm actually looking forward to playing an OP class (WA). Now they go around revamping adventurers again... You're making my decision far too complicated Nexon!

  12. Default Re: March Update Preview

    Don't worry, I'm sure KMS is already taking bets on when WAs are going to fall to 'Balancing'. The best news is that if they buff up Bowmasters as well you can just continue on as if nothing happened!

  13. Default Re: March Update Preview

    I'm amazed people still get excited about job rebalancings. Or surprised for that matter. You could set your watch by how often these come along.

  14. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Lolmaster
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: March Update Preview


    You called it. Incoming adventurer revamp.

    Lf> not useless hurricane hypers
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  15. Default Re: March Update Preview

    If Phantom isn't re-balanced I could also get excited watching for the inevitable Xenon/Kaiser/Wind Archer downfall. ...I think I'm mostly kidding.

  16. ☮♫♥ Gay Male
    IGN: FrozNlite
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: F/P ArchMage
    Guild: Brazzers
    Alliance: Heroes

    Default Re: March Update Preview

    This. Especially since it's like, you know, a fix for gaping disparities that shouldn't have existed in the first place had competent class design occurred.

  17. Default Re: March Update Preview

    Still waiting until they remove all the useless skills on a NL, and give it a proper revamp.

  18. Default Re: March Update Preview

    DAT RESOLUTION! No more distortion when scaling to 1080p!

    If they are balancing Adventurers, hnnng Marksman!

  19. Donator Straight Female
    IGN: icephoenix21
    Server: Scania
    Level: 212
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: DremithCross
    Alliance: Evolution
    Farm: IcePhoenix

    Default Re: March Update Preview

    Was expecting this sooner or later.
    It's about damn time.



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